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RE: [BPQ32] Help with configuration

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  • John Wiseman
    Jeff, You need to configure a port of type BPQTOAGW to allow BPQ32 to process the AGW Packets - see
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      You need to configure a port of type BPQTOAGW to allow BPQ32 to process the AGW Packets – see




      Although AGWPE will do what you want, I’d suggest you look at using the UZ7HO Soundmodem instead. This seems to give better decoding that AGW. See




      If you still have problems, send me your config file off-list, and I’ll have a look at it.



      John G8BPQ


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      I have had UI-View running years ago, and tried setting it up again on my new PC.  I failed.

      In talking to Ron, he suggested I try BPQ, so here I am.


      I am having issues with my simple setup.  That config file has my head swimming!

      Here is what I want to do.

      Radio listening on 144.390 --> PC line in --> AGW --> BPQ --> APRS data to internet


      I have a radio that is listening on 144.390.  That feeds out of the radio and in to my soundcard.  I can hear the radio transmissions thru the speakers, so I know I am good there.

      Next, I am using AGW set to soundcard tnc type.  And listening on line in.  I left  the interface at 8000.

      So on to BPQ.  I tried about every setting I could find, but nothing seems to allow BPQ to listen to AGW.  I did add APRSDIGI to the config file.  BPQ IS talking and sending out messages from my PC to APRS.  I can see KD0IOD on findu/aprs.fi.

      Just the small issue of not sending out the stuff my radio hears.


      I would not be opposed to cut/paste my config file here, but I figured I would ask about that first as it is a lot of text.



      Jeff Manley


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