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Re: [BPQ32] BPQ Chat connection that won't go away

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  • Daryll Webb
    Rick I would be interested in the emcomm chat       for Wayne Co. Info would be nice.  Thanks Buster kg9nd ________________________________ From: Rick
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2012
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      I would be interested in the emcomm chat       for Wayne Co.
      Info would be nice.  Thanks
      Buster kg9nd

      From: Rick Nicholson <n9umj@...>
      To: "BPQ32@yahoogroups.com" <BPQ32@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2012 5:09 PM
      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] BPQ Chat connection that won't go away


      I plan on creating an Indiana Emcomm chat , but will not be limited to Races/ARES nodes Once it's up you should be able to use it.  There is also the chat link Jerry N9lya has running. 

      Ive steered away from a local chat group and prefer a regional or statewide chat. 

      I noticed on your config file you were using the WWchat link. 

      I think the Wwchat is a good feature to offer to your users as a chance to meet other hams outside of their own region.

      I wouldn't think the chat application would have anything to do with the problems your having.  It sounds like its a housekeeping issue and nodes that are no longer active should be purged from your user files.

      Some others in the group may have a better approach to resolving the issue.

      I'll look at my own config as well I have some nodes that are no longer in service that are still considered active by Bpq 

      I'll let you know what I find out.


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      On Apr 30, 2012, at 6:26 PM, "leonard_schmtt" <Len.N9QVQ@...> wrote:

      John and the group,

      Looking at our Monitor screen, I'm seeing a bunch of attempts to connect over AXIP to a station who's owner used to be our primary mentor, but has since gotten out of all packet except for connections made directly by RF. The station's call is WA4ZKO-6.

      This is typical of what I see on the Monitor:

      21:53:15T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:18T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:20T AA9MM-2>KC4BQK-2 Port=1 <RR C P R3>
      21:53:20T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:21R KC4BQK-2>AA9MM-2 Port=1 <RR R F R2>
      21:53:23T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:26R KC4BQK-2>BEACON Port=1 <UI C>:
      [EM68FT] KYHND - Henderson, KY
      21:53:36T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:39T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:42T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>
      21:53:45T AA9MM-2>WA4ZKO-6 Port=8 <C C P>

      We also lost the one station we were listing as an RF Chat partner, and haven't discussed setting up CHAT with the other remainging BPQ station in our area yet. Our primary focus is on EMCOMM, but we have chosen to be listed by Winlink as a PUBLIC station. Most of our mail is intended to be local, but we do use BPQ to access the Winlink CMS system.

      Since CHAT is not currently in use by our group, would these attempts to connect to WA4ZKO-6 go away if we delete CHAT from our configuration? How are others in the group using CHAT?
      Considering our primary focus on EMCOMM, is there an advantage to keeping CHAT as part of our "tool kit"? If so, we could approach our other BPQ node about setting them up as a CHAT partner.

      Len N9QVQ (cosysop for AA9MM-2)


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