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Re: [BPQ32] Re: Port Confusion

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  • Steve
    Hi Mike, OK, starting to make sense now. And, yes, I am seeing the polling transmissions. As to 6 meters, I had been just 2 meters (the common Maine freq of
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 2, 2012
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      Hi Mike,

      OK, starting to make sense now. And, yes, I am seeing the polling transmissions.

      As to 6 meters, I had been just 2 meters (the common Maine freq of 145.010) since over a year ago when Jeff and Ken helped me get set up. For the folks who were out of range of 2 meters direct, they either used one of the digis around here or got access via my HF Winmor port. We started playing with 6 meter voice and digital (PSK-125R mostly), both USB and FM and then figured it might make a good band to use for packet and sure enough.

      We had to get through some local interference issues (my latest was a battery charger that desensed my radio) and set up some decent antennas.  We're all FM using horizontal polarization. My radio is an Alinco DR-06T and I'm using a TNC-X. KB1DBL is using an FT-897 with UZ7HO's modem for 6 and the station that's just setting up now (KB1UTD) is using an FT-897 with KPC-3.

      Other than us there's almost no 6 meter activity around here that I'm aware of. Our club has a 6 meter repeater but it's rarely used.

      Steve KB1TCE

      On 3/2/2012 1:13 PM, Mike Melnik wrote:  


      No bugs, you must have had a band opening yesterday and a band drop on 6
      meters making the Quality heard higher (more times heard) on 2 meters,
      any netrom will always use the port with the highest port quality, that
      is the point of a netrom to remember what port will be the most reliable
      for a connection, Are you seeing polling transmissions between your node
      and other Netroms?

      If you are you can add to the RF ports NOKEEPALIVES=1 statement below
      PROTOCOL=KISS statement, up front this won't solve your problem, the
      Real way to solve the intermittent 2 meter connection is again to Lock
      your node
      Partner below your MINQUAL= setting, or increase the MINQUAL= for the 2
      meter port, locking the 2 meter port below the MINQUAL= for the 2 meter
      port is probably a easier way.

      I am glad to hear that someone is finally using 6 meters for Packet
      FM or SSB?


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      Hi Mike,

      I'll give a bit of background. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was the
      only BPQ32 BBS in this area. A couple of other guys are setting up and
      we'll be in an area roughly encompassing the midcoast region of Maine to
      central Maine.

      Each of us is generally out of the range of the others on 2 meters but
      we started to use 6 and so far, so good. At this point we are not doing
      any forwarding, just connecting to each others BBS using Outpost or
      BPQTerminal. The ability yesterday for me to connect directly to
      KB1DBL-1 on 2 meters was an anomaly. What surprised me was that BPQ32
      forced me to use the 2 meter port. If, for some reason (congestion,
      whatever) I specifically wanted to use 6 meters for the connection, it
      sounds like BPQ32 will force me to what it has determined is the better
      frequency unless I take measures otherwise.

      Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a bug to our heads.

      Best regards,
      Steve KB1TCE

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Melnik" <mmelnik1@...> wrote:
      > Steve
      > BPQ will always connect on the port with the highest quality if you
      > don't want to use the C 2 Alias -0 but always want to make the
      > connection on port 2 then you will need to lock the route on port 1
      > I described last night, are you forwarding from a BBS to a BBS or
      > Mailbox?
      > Mike-N9PMO
      > www.n9pmo.com


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