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Re: [BPQ32] How do you use BPQ?

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    Winlink/Winmor.... Yea we know they are out there. Stomping on QSO s everyday because they don t listen to the frequency first. They just come in and start
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      Yea we know they are out there. Stomping on QSO's everyday because they don't "listen" to the frequency first. They just come in and start right on top of a packet QSO.

      And don't get me started on D-Star when they are linking them with 128k Clearwire connections between the repeaters. I'll stick to my analog repeater. At least it doesn't sound like someone has a clothes pin on their nose and R2D2 on the frequency.

      On Feb 4, 2012, at 10:49 PM, "N9ACQ" <n9acq@...> wrote:



                      The original comment was for chat via HF. My fires response was to that application and current technology available. For message handling the NTSD system of the ARRL uses the older Winlink Classic which does not require interfacing with the internet. Much like packet BBSs but they use manual intervention for message forwarding. For point to point the NBEMS can utilize  an ARQ protocol wrapped around sound card modes. Or RMS Express in point to point mode via Pactor or WINMOR.

                      Ok so the president attempts to shut down the internet. Will this affect my satellite internet service, or can they link visa another ground station within the satellite footprint. I suspect the connection points that lead out of the country could be shut down quickly but all the other service providers may not get the word. It is possible that big brother has a method whereby a command may be issued to shut down all nodes but I have not heard of that specific capability being required.

                      I do have a portable system with BPQ including BBS and Chat installed as well as RMS packet/RMS Relay as part of my go kit. I also have many soundcard programs installed as well.


                      Now on the philosophical discussion of radio and internet interconnection. One the rise of E-Mail and need by individuals not connected by wire to the internet, boaters, off the grid, Etc. This makes sense and do not forget there are many, like me, who depend on satellite service for internet and TV service. This was the concept behind Winlink 2000. Use internet when available, with 5 Common message Servers in different parts of the world. At this time there are over 50 Pactor gateway stations and 25 WINMOR gateway stations throughout the world, not counting the hundreds of packet gateway stations. The CMSs act like the old BBSs in that you need to connect to retrieve your messages. Personally I do not see, for me, a need to convert audio to digital and back again. Yes it does allow for wide area nets/conversations via D-Star and EchoLink. This gives conference calling capability to mobile stations. I can see this for organizing the response effort outside a disaster area, without the need for mobile HF capability. Each mode, method and system has a specific niche that it fills. Understanding which communications requirements will beat be meet by digital is a must to use them effectively.

      73 Bill


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