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Re: [BPQ32] Flex-BPQ32 problems

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  • Mark Harloff
    ... Hopefully, John has rev d up the BPQCODE to handle the interface problem(s) on the 32 bit side. I suspect that is where the problem is here. Depending on
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 22, 2005
      Ron Stordahl wrote:
      > I have a forthcoming beta release which includes something called
      > BPQEther which is intended to link BPQ32 systems to BPQ DOS systems
      > using BPQCODE. I don't have this packaged up as yet, because it also
      > includes a number of other changes, such as BPQTNC2 supporting real as
      > well as virtual com ports, a change to bpqaxip correcting a problem
      > occurring with W-XP.
      > I should be able to release all this in a few days with some work.

      Hopefully, John has rev'd up the BPQCODE to handle the interface
      problem(s) on the 32 bit side. I suspect that is where the problem is here.
      Depending on where it runs, BPQEther may solve the link problem here.
      I'm not sure how it will work as an ethernet driver for FlexNet, but I
      am more than willing to 'test' it on that side if that is what John is

      > If I understand it, and really I don't have much understanding of the
      > old BPQCODE for DOS, the communications will be by ethernet where you
      > will have to use MAC addressing, as distinct from TCP addresses. If I
      > am wrong on this I am sure I will hear about it shortly! Can your DOS
      > application interface with BPQCODE?

      The (DOS) FlexNet ethernet driver(s) are pretty rudimentary. The one I
      use here to interface FlexNet to the LAN uses 'static' ip addresses.
      However, it can also use MAC's to limited extent. That may work out ok
      depending on what John does with his driver.
      If John is thinking of directly linking a 16 and 32 pair of 'switches'
      together please add me to the 'beta' tester list!

      > All I ever did with bpq408a on DOS was serial communications over either
      > DRSI cards or com ports. Ethernet on DOS? Never tried it.

      I'm not sure about how BPQ16 handles Ethernet since the only experience
      I have with that is using a modified version used by DOS XRouter (by G8PZT).
      Ethernet via DOS machines work fine. I link my FlexNet Digi (DOS) to
      another FlexNet Digi (DOS) over the Internet using DOS ethernet drivers
      on both ends so, I know the DOS ethernet drivers that FlexNet uses are
      not a problem.
      (The Linksys BEFX41 Router at my end may be though!)

      > As far as problems maintaining connection using AX/UDP between BPQ32 and
      > FlexNet again no idea. I hope someone can help on this. I do know that
      > connections between BPQ32 instances using AX/IP and AX/UDP are solid.
      > My experience is that they are more robust than TCP connections.

      I've had the same experience(s) here too. ALL direct serial links using
      BPQ32 to BPQ32, BPQ32 to BPQ16 and visavie work fine with the exception
      of Ethernet drivers on either end.

      > But your welcome to send ma a fax to 218-681-7901 with a drawing of your
      > layout. Or by e-mail to my obvious ARRL address, or post it to the
      > files section of this forum.
      > Ron N5IN

      I will send them if You or John need them for reference.

      Mark K2CAN
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