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  • dickwmsinnc
    Hi Ron - I am brand new to BPQ and am trying to set up a packet node demonstration for Field Day. My ultimate objective is to use AGWPE with BPQ. I m using a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6, 2007
      Hi Ron -

      I am brand new to BPQ and am trying to set up a packet node
      demonstration for Field Day. My ultimate objective is to use AGWPE
      with BPQ. I'm using a laptop running Win 98SE.

      I followed the directions below up to the point of starting
      BPQTerminal.exe. When I did that, I get a message window
      saying "Can't load (or register) custom control: "BPQCtrl.ocx'" and
      BPQTerminal closes. How can I fix this?

      Also, I would like some pointers on how to go from the configuration
      this installation produces to a configuration using AGWPE. I do have
      AGWPE installed and working.

      Tnx and 73 - Dick, W3OA

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, Ron Stordahl * <ron.stordahl@...> wrote:
      > KD8CBJ
      > I would do as follows:
      > Download Bpq32_410Beta06Dec2006.exe and execute it from there. I
      > to use \My Documents\Downloads\BPQ32.
      > The installer will run and the first option is where to place the
      > system. Go with the default which is c:\Program Files\BPQ32.
      > The next choice will be to select options. I would choose 'Use
      > pre-configured BPQCFG.Txt configuration file' and be sure that this
      > the only option selected on that window.
      > Continue from this point accepting all the defaults.
      > At this point you will have the 'minimal' configuration (but you
      > have all the bpq files of course).
      > From the c:\Program Files\BPQ32 click on BPQTerminal.exe. At the
      > bottom of the BPQTerminal screen type ? to get a list of commands.
      > each to get a basic idea of what they do.
      > This minimal system is not particularly useful, but if it runs you
      > know your installation is OK.
      > Now close BPQTerminal. Go to the folder c:\Program
      > Files\BPQ32\Example_Configurations\Small\ and copy all 8 files from
      > there to c:\Program Files\BPQ32\.
      > Now when you run BPQTerminal you can run the same commands (? for a
      > list). This 'Small' configuraton is for 1 KISS configured on COM1
      > a serial interface rate of 9600/8/1. It is also set up with my
      > for Node, BBS and such, you will want to change these to your calls
      > editing the BPQCFG.TXT file, and recompiling it by executing
      > which generates a new BPQCFG.BIN. Now when you start BPQ32.exe or
      as in
      > this example, BPQTerminal.exe it will be set up with your calls and
      > should be working.
      > I guess I need to think this through and provide a simple start
      > document...but this should get you going.
      > Ron, N5IN
      > kd8cbj wrote:
      > > Iam running AGW pro,and WinPack.What is the easyiest BPQ to start
      > > I don't know,that is why I am asking,am I better off with the
      > > blown new beta version,or is there a "trainer/easy/older"version
      > > dummies.Once familiary move up to the new beta version.
      > >
      > > 73 KD8CBJ G.N.EN63NL
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