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FW: [IN_DHS_ARDC] January 21, 2012 Statewide RACES Test [2 Attachments]

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  • Jerry
    Please try your hand at sending a message to w9sem. All hams are welcome. If my personal plans hold I will be on vacation that week.. If I can assist anyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2 2:19 PM

    Please try your hand at sending a message to w9sem. All hams are welcome.  If my personal plans hold I will be on vacation that week.. If I can assist anyone let me know.. 


    Sp w9sem@w9sem.#cin.in.usa.na Leave message on  your local BBS or try me below… on HF


    That should get your message delivered via BBS Style forwarding using Packet Winmor RPR Pactor I II III etc..


    A direct connect to me can be had on any of the following.


    Connect to N9LYA for direct BBS connect. On

    I scan many of these freqs  so try a few times if you get no connect. Freq in red is fixed and never changes.

    HF 300 Baud  Packet (SCS Tracker) 7.0865 LSB dial 7.101 USB Dial 28.110 LSB dial - KAM TNC 14.105 LSB Dial Tones standard 1600/1800

    Robust Packet (SCS Tracker) 7.103 USB dial  10.145 USB dial  14.113 USB dial  18.107 USB dial 21.098 usb dial

    Winmor (Signalink) 7.061 USB Dial 14.112 usb dial 10.133 usb dial

    Pactor(PTCIIe) I II III 7.061 USB Dial 14.112 usb Dial 10.133 USB dial


    You can look up results sometime after the test on the Website mentioned in the attached announcement.


    73 Jerry N9LYA


    From: IN_DHS_ARDC@yahoogroups.com [mailto:IN_DHS_ARDC@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of West, Don
    Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 3:21 PM
    Cc: DHS Watch Desk; Thatcher, Brad; Copeland, Arvin
    Subject: [IN_DHS_ARDC] January 21, 2012 Statewide RACES Test [2 Attachments]



    [Attachment(s) from West, Don included below]

    Indiana EMA Directors,                                                                                                       CC: Indiana DHS Amateur Radio Disaster Communications Yahoo Group (IN_DHS_ARDC@yahoogroups.com)


    Please find attached, the announcement for this January’s Test and an addendum listing the “Linked Repeater Frequencies”.  


    Other than the inclusion of ARES in the Counties that do not have a RACES Team affiliated with the local EMA, there are no changes from the July 2011 format.


    The IDHS Team has determined that it is in the best interest of the Team’s capability to allow some of their less experienced operators an opportunity to conduct some of the nets in a non-emergency situation, so if you detect some nervousness in some of the voices, do not be surprised. 


    While voice communications will always plan a very important role in Large Scale Disaster Communications, one of our long term goals is to develop a statewide digital communications system that is:

    ·         Capable of unattended operation.

    ·         Text based.

    ·         Error Checking

    ·         Utilizes “Store and Forward” technology.

    ·         Can be “User Repaired”.

    ·         Can operate independent of the Internet or phone lines.


    At this time we are using a mixture of Packet, Winlink 2000 and Winmor protocols depending on whether it is “long-haul” or “short-haul” traffic. 


    In the past few days a station has been added at the IDHS Search and Rescue Center at Camp Atterbury which we believe will give us much better connectivity to Southern Indiana.  We hope to have an additional station on-line before the test at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Jackson County.


    By spring, we hope to have “high profile” stations in District 5 and District 7 capable of what is called “High Speed” (9600 baud) in the packet world. 


    For this test, the goal is to get a packet message to W9SEM, located in the Indiana Government Center, downtown Indy.  More details will be sent on the Indiana DHS ARDC Yahoo Group closer to the test date.


    Good luck to your team and thanks for your continued support.



    Best regards,


    Don West


    Communications Director - AEM

    Emergency Response Division

    Indiana Dept of Homeland Security

    302 West Washington Street, Room W-046

    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204


    Office – 317-232-3849

    Cell    -- 317-650-5405

    Fax    -- 317-232-4987

    Email – dwest@...


    Description: indiana1


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