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Re: [BPQ32] Slightly off topic.. to some, But interesting anyway.

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  • Bob Unger
    Thru all this, you missed my request for John Weisman s email???????//NO, Out of touch? He wanted me..... I d like to send him something thru the link.... Nuf
    Message 1 of 20 , Dec 27, 2011
      Thru all this, you missed my request for John Weisman's email???????//NO, Out of touch? He wanted me..... I'd like to send him something thru the link.... Nuf said.
      73 de Bob in Bethlehem, Pa. WB3DTG <<610-868-1112>>
      From: Jerry <n9lya@...>
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:25 PM
      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] Slightly off topic.. to some, But interesting anyway.

      Robert…  J
      Yes I pointed out what I too offense too in your posting.. Here is why.
      Yes you were running with miss information.. You state you and KO were all that are left of 098.. That is not true. That leads me to believe your station is in distress…  At lunch time today I rebooted…
      Here is my heard list as of 3:30 PM 3 and a half hours later. So that statement is utterly untrue backed by the Many sysops on 098 that have stated they are on 098 still.. No not everyone is 24/7 but that is because the band is not open 24/7
      What can I say…  your station is either not working well which I have to believe  due to your lightning damage that may not be getting the proper repair, you have already stated you have concerns about the guy doing the repairs. or everyone else’s is not working well. Hard to believe..
      Packet 300 Baud HF works for us just fine… If you think it is not for you then all I can say is you are not using it correctly, or you have some far out parameters or your spare radio is in need of service..  if you wish to remain on 098 at 300 baud and seek help with parameters or testing to get to the problems you are having I am sure anyone of us would be glad to help. Jus t let me know as of now I have removed you from the roster based on last night’s post. I would be more than happy to re-add you.  J
      Now as far as pactor.. I have to believe it’s not on my end or KJ6IX you say you cannot work either of us.. Yet you also say you cannot work anyone on 098 with the same radio..
      Packet may not be your cup of tea.. If I wanted speed that rivaled the fastest most expensive modems I would have nothing here but PIII modems.. However I want a mix..
      I have 300 Baud HF I have Robust packet that by the way is neato.. Winmor and PI II III yet no mode offsets any other mode..

      The Skipnets on 098 147 and 035 are all 300 baud Packet. And unless everyone on the net agrees to something else will most likely remain 300 baud.  What you and I and anyone else does to have nets at higher speeds … is to set up the appropriate protocol and go with it on a net net.. i.e. RPR WINMOR PACTOR… I was just upset that you were trashing 300 Baud Packet because it does not work for you, yet we still do not know why it does not… 
      That is why I run HF 300 Baud Packet, rpr winmor and pactor on other nets… So your options are out there. No need to jump us and tell us how crappy our Model A is. If you do not like our Model A go take a bus, we will keep on rolling.. lol  J
      73 Jerry N9LYA

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