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Preliminary Information European Trip

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  • Bill Erhardt
    Howdy John and BPQ32 Gang, I finally have some preliminary information on a trip I have been researching for about two years that is on my Bucket List ! There
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2011
      Howdy John and BPQ32 Gang,
      I finally have some preliminary information on a trip I have been researching for about two years that is on my Bucket List !  There is a reason for a Bucket List !!! 
      If all goes according to planning, I will be driving to Minneapolis, Mn. end of April, 2012 so my Subaru will be there when I return the middle of May, 2012.   I am planning on flying out of Minneapolis, Mn.  to  Keflavik, Iceland and visit for a couple days.  Then I fly on to Amsterdam, Netherlands and visit for a couple of days.before boarding a ship out of IJmuiden about 20 KM from Amsterdam.. John as a sailor, maybe you can comment on my research that May is a good month to cross the Altantic East to West ????
      Web site for the Booking company out of London:    http://www.cruisepeople.co.uk/pzm.htm
      I am planning on picking up one of the Polish Steam Ship Company's  ships in route to Duluth, Mn. or Thunder Bay Ontario.  I have researched a Great Lakes cruise that covers what I wanted to see for some time and this route covers my areas of interest.  They take on 6 passangers for the voyage across the Atlantic, through the St. Lawerance Seaway, then the Great Lakes to Cleveland, Ohio to unload cargo then to Burns Harbor, Indiana.  She then goes to Duluth or Thunder Bay for return cargo and that is were I will depart.  It is the only route I found that covers all the Great Lakes via ship. 
      I am waiting on permission to work Amateur radio on the ship.  I am planning on  taking HF (ICom 706MKIIG, dipole, Switching  Power Supply, Pactor III Modem for Winlink), and Handheld/Arrow Antenna to work amateur satellites on fm voice.  I will try HF APRS on 30 meters across the Atlantic then switch to VHF APRS through the Great Lakes as there are plenty of IGATES. I will try to work some of the BPQ32 Switches on Winlink during the Great Laks Passage. I see one in Canada, New York, and Wisconsin that will be in VHF Range ???? I also have a map of RMS Packet VHF Nodes on the Great Lakes passage.
      Looks like it will be about 10 days to Montreal and then about 3-4  days to Cleveland, Ohio to unload, 2 days at Burns Harbor, Indiana,  and finally about 3-4 days to Duluth. Mn. or Thunder Bay, Ontario for about 18 - 20 days.  This all depends on weather, unloading carge, etc.
      It will be a wonderful photographic adventure that I have been wanting to do for years. I quit smoking almost 4 years ago and finally am fulfilling some of my bucket list dreams.  Working in Antarctica is done and now the adventures continue.
      I will update everyone if all goes according to planning when I depart and the frequencies I will be working on 20 meters voice.  You might even see a Pactor III Winlink e-mail and my APRS location out in the Atlantic Ocean or the Great Lakes.
      Happy Holidaze to all from just another old retired guy !!!  Bill
      Bill Erhardt
      If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.
      Enjoy Life - It does have an expiration date !!
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