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Re: [BPQ32] New UPDATE for BPQ32

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  • Ron Stordahl
    Doug If you have an existing BPQ32.cfg file it is not overwritten!  None of your specific configuration files are overwritten, thus one can run the installer
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2011

      If you have an existing BPQ32.cfg file it is not overwritten!  None of your specific configuration files are overwritten, thus one can run the installer at anytime, and actually as often as you care to do so and none of your configurations are replaced.

      This applies to BPQ32.cfg and older configuration files like BPQAxip.cfg, etc.  Actually all of these 'old' configuration files are now out of style, their information can now be edited into a single BPQ32.cfg, but at this point that is not enforced.  Sometime in the future it may be required to incorporated all of them into a single BPQ32.cfg, but not yet.

      As to the BPQMailChat configurations (nor associated mail, logs, etc), they are also preserved when running the installer to do an update.

      In fact it is more interesting than even this....if you do an uninstall of BPQ32 (using the uninstaller link in the start menu shorcuts, i.e. start>programs>bpq32>uninstall or alternatively using the program uninstall window of the Control Panel), but only after having run the new (20111017 or later) installer,  you don't actually remove any of your configurations nor your unique files such as mail, logs and such associated with BPQMailChat.  They are is retained, and if you subsequently run the installer it will recover them.  The only unique thing that will happen in this case is you will be offered new default locations, rather than your old locations.  These new locations are those that Microsoft recommends, specifically %programfiles%\bpq32 and %appdata%\bpq32.

      The purpose of this was actually Vista and Windows 7 users who have shoehorned BPQ32 into those OS's using the 20110411 installer.  By running 20111017, then uninstalling, then reinstalling you can get into 'compliance' so to speak.  Hopefully they will no longer be plagued with UAC popups once this is done.  And XP (and likely earlier) users can also get this to split their installation into %programfiles% and %appdata% should they wish.

      There is one little exception...I forgot to test if someone was still actually using the deprecated 'bpqcfg.txt' rather than the current 'BPQ32.cfg'.  Now I check for this and if it exists and if BPQ32.cfg does not exist I rename bpqcfg.txt into bpq32.cfg.  There are dozens of old filenames which either no long exist or have new names, I thought I was testing or everything, but apparently I slipped on on that one.

      Ron, AE5E

      From: Douglas Parker <n4ata@...>
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 9:23 AM
      Subject: [BPQ32] New UPDATE for BPQ32


      Hi Mike,

       I saw a message yesterday talking about the NEW BPQ32 Update.
      I downloaded it from the Yahoo  Groups site this morning.

      What is the procedure to install it? Does it overwrite the BPQ32.CFG file?
      Also does it keep any of  the other settings for the Mail/Chat and anything
      else or does it just do a complete new install?

      I have backup of my BPQ32.CFG. I back it up after each change. Don’t want
      to have to re-create it.

      As for the other setings in Mail/Chat I can take screen shots of the current
      settings so Ican get them back the right way.

      Good luck with your router woes. Looks like you might be back up. I see that
      my system shows connection to yours.

      73, Doug – N4ATA

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