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RE: [BPQ32] No AGWPE Host Sessions available

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  • John Wiseman
    Art, The No AGWPE Host Sessions available is usually caused by a mismatch between the callsign registered by the application with AGWtoBPQ, and the BPQ
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2007
      The "No AGWPE Host Sessions available" is usually caused by a mismatch between the callsign registered by the application with AGWtoBPQ, and the BPQ Application Calls, This used to be relatively simple, as AGWtoBPQ always used the BBSCALL. Now that BPQ supports multiple application calls, AGWtoBPQ uses the APPLCALL corresponding to the APPLMASK set in AGWtoBPQ. 
      As an example, I've been testing Telpac with call GM8BPQ, BBSCALL of GM8BPQ and APPLMASK=1. But I've also used Telpac call GM8BPQ-5, APPL5CALL=GM8BPQ-5, and APPLMASK=0x10.
      So if you used to use an APPLMASK of 1, then the new code should work the same as before, but if you were using another APPLMASK value you will need to set up an APPLCALL to match the APPLMASK.
      The problem discussed in Msg 274 is now fixed, You no longer need the "Portn with " on the front of each description when using Telpac.
      Incidentally, I've found a problem with flow control between the new AGWtoBPQ and Telpac. The attached should fix it.
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      Great job on the new release John and Ron,
      In addition to having applications reduced into the sys tray, having
      MINQUAL at the individual port level is a great enhancement too. And
      John, thank you for adding the ability to toggle supervisory frames in
      the BPQTerm monitor.

      I am having some difficulty with Telpac though. This problem of "No
      AGWPE Host Sessions available" has been discussed here before but I
      can't seem to locate the messages pertaining to it. When I first seen
      this, I thought it might be able to correct it by using the
      instructions provided in message #274 and edited each port ID
      accordingly. That did not clear the problem.

      I hate to rehash what has been already discussed but some guidance on
      this would be appreciated.

      Art N9ZZK

      ILBPQ:KC9GLV- 5} Nodes:
      n telpac
      ILBPQ:KC9GLV- 5} Routes to: TELPAC:N9ZZK- 10
      c telpac
      No AGWPE Host Sessions available

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