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RE: [BPQ32] A new release, BPQ32_5.2.1.3_20111017 is available.

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  • Mike Melnik
    BPQ32/BPQMailChat installed with no problems, XP Home.Mike-N9PMO Web WWW.N9PMO.COM -----Original Message----- From: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2011
      BPQ32/BPQMailChat installed with no problems, XP Home.

      Web WWW.N9PMO.COM
      -----Original Message-----
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      Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 3:10 PM
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      Subject: [BPQ32] A new release, BPQ32_5.2.1.3_20111017 is available.

      Posting reissued because links were broken!

      A new release, BPQ32_5.2.1.3_20111017, for Windows, is available for
      download at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/%c2%a0

      This release updates BPQ32.dll, BPQMailChat, BPQTerminal, BPQTermTCP
      while adding two new programs: BPQAuth and BPQUIUtil.

      The changelog is here:

      This release introduces a new installer which provides support for Vista
      and Windows 7 installations and updates.  The changes needed for this
      were massive to say the least.  The installer is up to 2015 lines of
      code...all of which I expect is perfect!  But you are warned:

      WARNING:  Please make a copy of your BPQ32 installation directory before
      running the installer to perform an update just in case!  John Wiseman
      G8BPQ and I, Ron Stordahl, AE5E have done considerable testing and have
      reached the level of confidence needed to issue this release.  But it is
      better to be safe than sorry.  Backup your BPQ32 installation directory
      before updating!
      This release may make significant changes to where the BPQ32
      configuration is stored. and to the location of BPQMailChat files. If
      you use Vista or Windows 7, the first time you run this installer, your
      registry configuration for all BPQ32 programs will be moved from
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  And this just scratches the
      If your BPQMailChat files are not in folder BPQMailChat directly under
      your BPQ32 Directory, BPQMailChat will copy files to that folder the
      first time it is run, and change the BaseDir parameter to match. This is
      to simplify setting up a new MailChat installation, New Users have often
      had problems with getting the BaseDir set up, and placing it in a known
      position will avoid this.

      BPQ32 now allows Programs and Configuration/Data Files to be stored in
      separate folders. This follows Microsoft's guidelines, and on Vista and
      Windows 7 gives added protection against accidental or malicious changes
      to software. The new installer allows you to choose separate locations
      for Programs and Data. For a new install, these will default to the
      Microsoft guidelines. If you are doing an update, these will default to
      your current installation. You may change either or both, however you
      should run the installer with the defaults initially to properly set up
      the registry. If your BPQMailChat installation has a lot of files, it
      will take extra time to make the transfer.  Be patient, it will

      The Microsoft guidelines are that programs should be installed in
      %programfiles% and application data in %appdata%.  This has been the
      recommendation since the introduction of XP, however Microsoft did not
      enforce these guidelines and they were not always observed, resulting in
      XP programs not working well on Vista and above.  With the introduction
      of Vista the guidelines are to some degree being enforced, with the
      result that annoying 'UAC - User Account Control' popups often occur
      when running otherwise well behaved programs. There is more to this, but
      the 'UAC' popups are the most visible part of this new paradigm.

      The new installer actually extends the Microsoft guidelines back to XP,
      and even before depending upon additional details I will not go into at
      this time.

      Existing Vista and Windows 7 installations can be transformed into
      installations which satisfy the guidelines by following this procedure: 

      1) Run the new installer on your existing installation taking all the
      defaults.  You will note that an additional window now offers a location
      for 'application data'.  It will be identical to your current program
      files location.  Simply accept the defaults and complete the update.  If
      you are satisfied with this you do not need to perform the additional
      steps.  Your installation will remain a 'single folder' installation,
      and thus technically not compliant.

      2) Uninstall BPQ32 using the start menu shortcuts:
              Start>All Programs>BPQ32>Uninstall.
      The uninstall actually saves your complete installation configuration. 
      The uninstall could also be done from the control panel should you wish.

      3) Do a 'new' install.  The installer recovers your prior
      configurations, including BPQMailChat files such as mail, logs, etc.,
      and offers locations for the program files and application in accordance
      with Microsoft's guidelines.  You are urged to accept the defaults 

      This procedure can also be done by XP users should you wish.

      You can see how these locations are defined: On XP do Start>Run and
      enter %programfiles% and perhaps more interestingly enter %appdata%  In
      this later case you will see where other compliant applications are
      storing their application data.  On Vista and Windows 7 enter the same
      in the box immediately above the Start icon (it is no longer labeled
      Start, rather it is a MS 'Windows' icon.   The results will vary
      depending upon if your OS is a 32-bit or 64-bit version.  As BPQ32 is a
      32 bit package it will be installed in Program Files (x86).

      Unless you have changed the default 'folder options' in Windows
      Explorer, the application data folder, %appdata%, is protected and will
      not be shown.  You can change the options in Explorer to 'Show hidden
      files, folders and drives' should you wish.  However you do not need to
      do so because the shortcut 'Configure BPQ32' will open Windows Explorer
      for you to this 'hidden' folder with BPQ32.cfg already selected, ready
      for you to start your editor to make configuration changes.  To open
      this do:

           Start>All Programs>BPQ32>Configure BPQ32

      All the shortcuts related to BPQ32 including the Documents are available
      in this manner.

      The first step is to run the installer on an existing installation
      taking all the defaults.  It will take a bit more courage, after that,
      to uninstall and reinstall.  Then you will have a compliant
      installation, which should be beneficial.  

      Ron Stordahl, AE5E (ex N5IN)

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