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Some RFI Cures I have had good luck with.... I think some of my issues with BPQ are (were) RFI related.

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  • Jerry
    1) Clamp on Ferrites on cables. I can get about 5 lbs. for $5 at the Indy Hamfest in July. I usually buy a bunch, I have a big RED tool box full of these
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2011

      1)      Clamp on Ferrites on cables. I can get about 5 lbs. for $5 at the Indy Hamfest in July. I usually buy a bunch, I have a big RED tool box full of these high quality Ferrites. I have these on all AC DC Power lines, Wall-Warts, UPS, COAX, TNC Cables, monitor cables, USB Cables, and all serial cables to PC TNCs  and RADIO s data included, In fact,  I added several to my rig control lines today after being plagued with Scanning Problems.. (I hope it’s the cure). So far so good.

      2)      K-Y Filters for keeping RF out of phone and DSL lines..

      3)      RG6 Quad Shielded Coax for keeping family happy during TV time.. TV Time is once again any time with zero complaints.

      4)      Band pass filters on all fixed frequency or single band ports… HF VHF UHF.

      5)      Proper Equipment Grounding.

      6)      Extreme Antenna Grounding and lightning protection. (Can never have enough). I have about 50 8’ Ground rods driven in ground, along with about 200 lbs. of copper cable buried 3 feet deep, clamped to all antennas towers, etc… Forming a Mesh.


      In my Shack, As many of you know I run a lot of RF here and have been able to keep RFI to a minimum. (Other then the rig control issue I have had (Again I hope it’s gone) any other RFI has been eliminated or at least extremely reduced.

      Ports on 145.050, 147.555, 223.660, 432.250, 80 thru 10 meters both fixed and scanning. HF Packet, Robust Packet, Winmor and Pactor I II III.

       A total of 6 HF Rigs, 2 Two Meter, 1 ea 220 and 440.  Antenna Rotator, Scanner Antenna on top of highest tower.. Two Large Beams, and a lot of verticals, two 2 meter beams and 1 440 beam.



      4 KAMs

      1 9612

      1 PK96

      1 KPC3+

      1 KAM+

      SCS Tracker

      SCS PTCIIe




      1 Dell Server for BPQ32

      1 Dell PC for all other use WIN7 (except below)

      1 Dell PC for running software that will not run above XP.


      I also have a Whole House Meter base mounted Surge Suppressor unit on my home. Saves a lot of $$$ on buying individual Surge Suppressors.. Yea m UPSs have surge protection. But I would have them anyway..


      Installing a Power Factor Capacitor Bank on Main Lighting Panel next weekend. Hoping to save a bit on power for All my motors (i.e. Washing Machine, power tools, anything with a motor and all the compressors, I have a side by side and two large freezers. And an AC unit.


      Been thinking some of my issues with BPQ maybe RFI… So eliminating it, and or guarding against it continues.. Plus it keeps the neighbors happy… And keeps me out of trouble sometimes with the family.. lol


      The Local Cable CO did add Internet to its (CLOSED system, yea right) They upload on 40 meters, Download on 30 Mtrs and Retrieve User data at night on 10 Meters… How DUMB… Their Engineers must have been blindsided by a miss conception that their system was a closed system.. They have more leaks, then the local water company and that is saying a lot. Being right across from an apt complex they even admitted to having an unusual amount of them due to tenants moving in and out or trying to leach off a neighbors connection.. Thus the reason they decided to notch me out.. A lot easier for them. It helped having a Service Monitor to carry around with us while I did some testing and wrote a report or two to them.. Nice bunch.. But I wonder, and no one would tell me why, why they chose to plant their system within the Ham Bands..


      Had a round with them.. See Above,  They decided to notch me out of their system… I see no interference form them either..


      Any way just wanted to share this with everyone..


      RFI can and is probably a problem even when we do not actively see it being so. It’s a force that can be reckoned with.







      73 Jerry Kutche N9LYA

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