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A new release of BPQ32 is available at the BPQ32 Yahoo Group

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  • Ron Stordahl
    A new beta release of BPQ32 is available in the files section of the BPQ32 Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/files/BPQ32_410aBeta19Feb2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2007
      A new beta release of BPQ32 is available in the files section of the
      BPQ32 Yahoo Group:


      Alternate download URL:


      From the beta document:

      7.17 19/Feb/2007:

      BPQ32 has undergone an extensive rewrite. BPQ32, which was in the prior
      release written in MacroAssembler and Visual Basic V4, has been
      converted to MacroAssembler and C++.

      VB40032.dll, mscomm32.ocx, cwswk32.ocx, bpqmon32.exe and bpqterm.exe are
      no longer used and have been removed from this release. All the
      functions of bpqmon32 and bpqterm are now incorporated in BPQTerminal.exe.

      This release has been exhaustively tested, but as you probably
      understand that is no guarantee! That’s why we do betas! However I have
      been running it around the clock on two machines for nearly a month and
      have confidence in it.

      One of the most significant enhancements is BPQ32’s ability to support
      multiple BBS’s using L4 connections, which can optionally broadcast
      their existence in node broadcasts. An example of this can be found
      above in section 3.06. That example is, I admit, a bit strained and thus
      I await to hear of working instances of a BBS plus a DX Cluster using
      this new capability. In the BPQ32 Yahoo Group files section are a number
      of new archives which related to specific applications, such as FBB,
      DXSpider, Ethereal, DEDHost and 16 bit. I am, on my test system. running
      multiple BBS’s with different aliases/calls, specifically AR-Cluster and
      CC-Cluster, without difficulty. The configuration I am using is in
      ..\Examples\Multiple_Apps\. Studying bpqcfg.txt from that directory
      should help clarify the needed configuration.

      Users have commented on the number of separate running programs which
      make up a BPQ32 system, and the space this takes on the task bar. With
      this release all running components of BPQ32 can condense into a single
      box with the letters ‘BPQ’ in black on a yellow box in the task tray.
      It’s still all running…you are just not so often reminded of this fact!

      A new parameter BTEXT, i.e. beacon text, has been added to the main
      section. This text is sent at rate BTINTERVAL to the UNPROTO address.
      The UNPROTO address parameter has been removed from the main section and
      now is stated in the ports sections. As a result you can send this UI
      packet to different addresses depending upon the port number. In
      addition a new ports section parameter BCALL has been added. This is the
      sending call that will be used for the beacon text on a per port basis,
      thus allowing different calls depending upon the port number. If BCALL
      is not stated it will default to the value of the BBSCALL.

      If you compile bpqcfg.txt with UNPROTO in the main section, a non-fatal
      warning will be issued, reminding you to update your configuration. The
      changes are such that you should be able to compile your existing
      bpqcfg.txt configuration, but I believe you will want to update to take
      full advantage of the enhancements. The folder \Examples\ contain
      example configurations corresponding to this release.

      There is a new folder: \KissRoms\ along with new documentation for JKISS
      and BPQKISS.

      I had hoped to release this beta as an installer, however the changes
      were extensive enough to make doing so very complicated. As such this
      release is a ZIP archive. If you are going to unpack this to an existing
      BPQ32 directory be sure to first save copies of your configuration
      files! Unpack the zip with ‘use folder names’ so that the subdirectories
      will be created. After the install run, by double clicking,
      SetRegistryPath.exe as well as RegBPQctrl.bat.

      And I am shortly going on vacation, so wish me luck that I don’t break a
      leg skiing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains! I will have my laptop with
      me, but I am not sure if I will have internet access . I suggest that
      you post questions on the BPQ32 Yahoo Group instead of trying to contact
      me directly.

      I hope I have not made some serious blunders, having double and triple
      checked. I wanted to get this out before I leave.

      Ron Stordahl, N5IN
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