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BPQ32_410Beta06Dec2006 available in the BPQ32 Yahoo Groups file section

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  • Ron Stordahl
    A new beta release of BPQ32 is available in the files section of the BPQ32 Yahoo Group:
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 6, 2006
      A new beta release of BPQ32 is available in the files section of the BPQ32 Yahoo Group:


      Alternate download site:


      From the beta document:

      7.17 06/Dec/2006:

      Since the last beta release there have been a lot of corrections and enhancements. All the major components have been updated.

      One of the most significant enhancements is BPQ32’s ability now to support multiple BBS’s using L4 connections, which can optionally broadcast their existence in node broadcasts. An example of this can be found above in section 3.06. That example is, I admit, a bit strained and thus I await to hear of working instances of a BBS plus a DX Cluster using this new capability. In the BPQ32 Yahoo Group files section are a number of new archives which related to specific applications, such as FBB, DXSpider, Ethereal, DEDHost and 16 bit.

      Users have commented on the number of separate running programs which make up a BPQ32 system, and the space this takes on the task bar. With this release all running components of BPQ32 can condense into a single box with the letters ‘BPQ’ in black on a white box in the task tray. It’s still all running…you are just not so often reminded of this fact!

      This beta release has been running 24/7 for sometime at N5IN and I recommend you update from earlier beta releases.

      When updating it is prudent to copy your existing BPQ32 directory to a backup location should you need to recover any existing configurations.

      Ron Stordahl, N5IN

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