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Re: Can I BLOCK an incoming callsign on BPQ32?

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  • zl4ax
    Thanks for the responses guys. I ll give it a try. 73 Paul
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 3, 2011
      Thanks for the responses guys. I'll give it a try.
      73 Paul

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "zl4ax" <zl4ax@...> wrote:
      > I wonder if this facility is available with BPQ32? It's an option in all my TNC's (it's the 'SUPCALL' command) so I can exclude any callsign from being 'seen' by my TNC.
      > I ask this because I have a problem with a 'redundant' link that I've discontinued, and asked the sysop to turn off at his end. However, I seem to have lost contact with him but his station still sends Nodes Broadcasts to mine. This causes him to constantly appear in my 'Heard' list, even though it's a non-funtioning Route. I have no working connection to him at all, but he's still broadcasting to me.
      > Ideally I want him to stop sending me useless packets every few minutes, but since I can't get any response from him I'll have to deal with it myself.
      > Does BPQ32 contain the equivalent of a 'SUPLIST' command that I can use to block out these packets that I don't want to receive?
      > Thanks in advance
      > Paul ZL4AX
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