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Re: [BPQ32] Re: TLN and WinFBB32

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  • Mark Harloff
    Thanks for the feedback Joel. The dll fixed the problem. 73, Mark K2CAN
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2006
      Thanks for the feedback Joel.

      The dll fixed the problem.

      73, Mark K2CAN

      Joel Yates wrote:
      > Hello, DE Joel N4JOA, Check the attached file for a screen shot
      > showing the version of TLN that I am running. The actual DLL file says
      > Telnet forwarding works fine for me.
      > ...73's...Joel N4JOA
      > On 11/1/06, Mark Harloff <mharloff@...
      > <mailto:mharloff%40frontiernet.net>> wrote:
      >> Hi Mike,
      >> The problem was with the versions of the bpq and bpq32 dlls I was using.
      >> I uprev'd to the latest versions and that eliminated the lockup problem.
      >> There is saturation of the CPU from time to time on All the machines
      >> here but that does not affect any one or more of the applications I have
      >> running on any of the machines to the extent of locking up the
      >> application. It slows them down a bit, but that's all.
      >> I run multiple UDP ports on the switch. But, as you mentioned, the
      >> newest switch release handles that fine.
      >> There is another problem with WinFBB32's telnet dll that I am currently
      >> working on tracking down. This is unrelated to the earlier 'lockup'
      >> problem. I try to keep the group posted on that.
      >> IF you (or anyone else) is running a telnet port for forwarding in
      >> WinFBB32 it would help me if you could check the version of the tln.dll
      >> you are using and let me know what it is.
      >> (right click on the file, left click 'properties' and read the 'version'
      >> tab info)
      >> Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate them!
      >> - Mark K2CAN
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