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RMS WINMOR through 2m FM narrowband voice repeater. Success.

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  • la7um
    I snip from my own postings on the Winlink forums my report from first setup of RMS WINMOR NARROW BAND FM VOICE REPEATER. Thinking of BPQ32 as scan setup. The
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      I snip from my own postings on the Winlink forums my report from first setup of RMS WINMOR NARROW BAND FM VOICE REPEATER. Thinking of BPQ32 as scan setup.

      The first setup described below was possible for LA3F-2, since we on beforehand are a registered RMS Pactor LA3F and RMS WINMOR LA3F-5.
      It is not intended for normal WINMOR use, but backup for Emcomm, since that particular repeater is the most used 2m for greater Oslo area.

      Since no hidden transmitter issues under such a setup, my long term planning has been using BPQ32 for receiving WINMOR , and doing the necessary relatively quick scanning, transforming the data to RMS Packet.

      Already a long time ago John did implement the necessary commands in the RIG controll, even a switch for having one simplex FM frequency while scanning with repeatershift enabled on the rest of the repeaters.

      Then that simplex frequency may be used for daily use.

      The changed tweeking parameter RESPONSEDLAY must be the same on both parties.

      The Leader extension may depend on wether or not you use VOX by SignaLink or not, or if the repeater is a carrier in/carrier out type, or if it is continuously transmitting when first opened.
      This need tweeking and is different in at different locations.

      73 de la7um Finn, and here it comes:
      > Snip
      I hereby report my very first test using such a setup. Levels and Parameters,
      Response delay and Leader extension may be tweeked more. Success.

      System described below will work exelent Peer2Peer through a repeater as well.
      The system is intended as an extra emcomm tool.

      The test also included two spesific valid norwegian emcomm call signs deleted
      below, and the WINMOR instance going through our separate voice repeater is
      intended as backup for emcomm use only. The repeater, LA5FR is the most used
      voice repeater in greater Oslo area.

      The instance for this test was RMS WINMOR LA3F-2, running on same pc as standard
      HF RMS WINMOR LA3F-5. We used port nr 8510 for the extra instance. PC XPpro.

      RIG IC 7000. SignaLink USB. 1600hz mode FM 2.5kHz narrowband deviation, achieved
      by filter setting 2 = more tolerating others doing some over modulating, while
      keeping 2.5 your self.
      Jumper J2 in SignaLink activated.

      My side, old IC 706 original and SignaLink usb. Level carefully lowered for
      avoiding overmodulating the narrow band repeater.
      Our channel separations are 12.5KHz.

      Parameters in ini file Responsedelay increased from default 100ms to 1000ms,
      fully allowing all the courtecy blips form the repeater.
      Leader extension set to value 10 symbols (default 0) This adds something around
      128 msec in addition to the extra Vox added because of the SignaLink use.

      This parameters were set the same at client and gateway site.

      I guess that those extended parameters do reduce theoretical throughput with
      about 20-30%.

      Parameters were plenty more than sufficient, and can be made much shorter. The
      TX/RX levels needing more research as well.
      But will also be tested later running extra through an improvised added IC 2820
      used as a Crossband repeater for extending the main repeater coverage.

      If a protocoll more suited for FM use later may be implemented as part of WINMOR
      TNC, it might be another fringe bonus.

      There is no such thing as a hidden transmitter running this way.
      A possible extended and valuable use for this specific VHF (or UHF) RMS for non
      HF authorized RMSs might be using BPQ32 and scan some important repeaters
      serving an RMS Packet with those data coming through those repeaters. John has
      already implemented this as as option, even offering switching off repeater
      shift, so a simplex frequency may be included in the scann sequency.

      A setup like this might be recommended in areas whith moderate climate and
      stable local infrastructure. It can be used when HF is congested, or not working
      because of Auroa Borealis, and the issue is not knocked out infrastructur, but
      normal infrastructure which never give coverage using cell phones other
      agencies normal comms.

      73 de la7um Finn
      RMS LA3F, LA3F-5, LA3F-10, and now also LA3F-2 Repeater RMS WINMOR

      Session shown below with dummy emcomm call signs:

      Halifax CMS via LA3F-2 >
      ;FW: LA7UM xx#yyy yy#zzz
      [RMS Express-$]
      ;PR: 58554006
      ; LA3F-2 DE LA7UM (JO59JR)
      FC EM WUVOJ6T2IAMU 2984 1300 0
      FC EM 2CB1XB5SSDJV 3323 1401 0
      FC EM 7CKEMZJ1VLOE 3403 1447 0
      FC EM 93JJJIPJAJP2 4296 1888 0
      FC EM XZS37V1SFWRK 5130 1854 0
      F> 36
      FS NYYYY
      *** Receiving 2CB1XB5SSDJV
      *** 2CB1XB5SSDJV - 3336/1404 bytes received
      *** Receiving 7CKEMZJ1VLOE
      *** 7CKEMZJ1VLOE - 3416/1448 bytes received
      *** Receiving 93JJJIPJAJP2
      *** 93JJJIPJAJP2 - 4309/1890 bytes received
      *** Receiving XZS37V1SFWRK
      *** XZS37V1SFWRK - 5143/1854 bytes received
      FC EM 68C5AQJ67VTF 5829 2126 0
      FC EM N05VQJ4UGU5F 10032 3760 0
      F> 44
      FS YY
      *** Receiving 68C5AQJ67VTF
      *** 68C5AQJ67VTF - 5842/2127 bytes received
      *** Receiving N05VQJ4UGU5F
      *** N05VQJ4UGU5F - 10045/3764 bytes received
      *** Disconnected from WL2K RMS: LA3F-2 @ 2011.04.01 01:38:58
      *** Session: 6,4 min; Avg Thruput: 2069 Bytes/min; 1 Min Peak Thruput: 5718
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