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Re: [BPQ32] New BPQ Packet Node - INFO Revision

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  • Rick Nicholson
    Welcome aboard Howard I just got my BPQ32 node running in Bedford In. EM68tt also with the help and support of Ken and Jerry. It s a long shot for you from
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2011
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      Welcome aboard Howard
      I just got my BPQ32 node running in Bedford In. EM68tt also with the help and support of Ken and Jerry.
      It's a long shot for you from Richmond, but you may hear me on a band opening. Or you can message through me from n9lya, we haven't tested that route yet.
      n9umj-1VHF on 145.050 (until May) 144.930 State EmComm in May
      n9umj-10 VHF RMS on 145.050 and 223.660  State Backbone 
      I'm not running any HF Winmor yet I have two nearby nodes N9LYA and WB9FHP already doing  so.
      I hope to see you on my heard list soon.
      Rick N9UMJ

      From: W6IDS <w6ids@...>
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com; n9lya@...; pactor_packet@yahoogroups.com; WINMOR@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tue, March 29, 2011 4:56:51 PM
      Subject: [BPQ32] New BPQ Packet Node - INFO Revision


      HA! Following Murphy's Law and on the heels of my announcement
      of my new BPQ32 Packet Node in Richmond, IN, I made a clarification for
      what I'm running in my system so that the info now shows:

      W6IDS-1 Packet Node - HF Pactor 1 & VHF (145.050)
      W6IDS-2 BBS - HF Pactor 1 & VHF (145.050)
      W6IDS -5 HF Winmor w/RMS Winmor (HF only)
      W6IDS-10 VHF RMS Packet messaging 145.050

      This is more accurate regarding what I have running.

      I also changed my VHF frequency from 144.490 to 145.050, oprating 24/7
      for testing. If needed, I can switch later on to 145.530.

      I learned that my original frequency could have posed a potential
      problem for anyone either close to ME trying to operate n 144.390 APRS or
      to each other similarly when operating my system and they live close to each
      other while operating 144.390. So, hopefully the new frequency should prove
      to be a good move.

      Again, my HF side is monitoring 24/7 only -

      7061.000 DIAL (7062.500 CF) USB for WINMOR connects

      7061.000 DIAL (7063.210CF) USB for PacTOR I connects

      pending further additions of a couple of other frequencies.

      Recently, I've noticed some increased voice traffic in LSB off to the side.
      Today, around 2035Z, I finally took a listen with those signals being much
      stronger than before. I found VE3WX and VE3DBQ engaged in a
      rountable with one other female station, all having really good signals into
      this area. I was copying them on LSB at 7061.830. I might have to
      move if the frequency is becoming really busy but time will tell. I'm just
      mentioning it as a "heads up, just in case. That's what testing is for.
      If I do make a frequency change, you'll see it happen on the Channel List
      and in the forum.

      As I said before, the system needs to be given a real shake down, so
      if you manage to connect let me know how it went.


      Howard W6IDS w6ids@...
      Richmond, IN EM79NV

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