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Re: need help new "SpiderBPQ"

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  • navarog1
    Hello, Ron, many thanks all work well now 73, jean-pierre f5cvi
    Message 1 of 3 , May 18, 2006
      Hello, Ron,
      many thanks all work well now
      73, jean-pierre f5cvi

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Ron Stordahl N5IN" <ron.stordahl@...>
      > If you use the latest beta and then the configuration files from the
      > 'Large_without_AGWPE' folder (copy them over the existing ones in the
      > root folder), the resulting BPQ32 should interface with any program
      > that was designed to use the AGWPE interface. You need to start
      > AGWtoBPQ.exe to bring up BPQ32. In AGWtoBPQ set TCP Port to 8000,
      > Listening Sessions to 15, Appl Mask to 1. Loop TXed Raw Frames and
      > Loop TXed Mon Frames should be checked. Then click on Save, cancel
      > and restart AGWtoBPQ.exe so it will take effect.
      > Now Spider should talk to AGWtoBPQ on localport 8000 just as it would
      > talk to the real AGWPE.
      > Of course you must configue bpqcfg.txt to match your system (if you
      > are also going to run AX/IP you must configure bpqaxip.cfg) and
      > compile it by executing bpqcfg.exe.
      > Since I don't run Spider I can't speak from experience, if there is
      > more to it hopefully a Spider sysop will speak up!
      > Ron, N5IN
      > --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "navarog1" <navarog1@> wrote:
      > >
      > > need help to configure the new "SpiderBPQ
      > > Files to allow DX-Spider to use BPQ32"
      > > i'm a dxcluster on telnet://dxcluster-f5cvi.no-ip.org and i will cross
      > > the cnx with my vhf 144mhz input/output spots.
      > > what is the solution and samples.
      > > tnx 73, f5cvi jean-pierre
      > >
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