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  • John Wiseman
    The Kantronics XKISS uses the same enhancements as my BPQKISS. There are three changes over standard KISS: Checksum - gives protection against corruption on
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      The Kantronics XKISS uses the same enhancements as my BPQKISS. There are three changes over standard KISS:
        Checksum - gives protection against corruption on the serial line.
        Polled Mode - The TNC only sends to the PC when polled. This allows several TNC's to be multidropped on one serial port.
        ACKMode - with this, a special message is sent from the TNC to the PC when a frame has actually been transmitted. This is used to start the FRACK timer, giving better timing control - without it on a busy channel the FRACK timer can expire and a retry be queued before a frame has even left the TNC.
      When Kantronics first introduced XKISS is was in a sepcial version of the EPROMS, which are included in the distribution. I think newver products, and maybe newer versions of old ones, include XKISS in the standard firmware.
      The KISSOPTIONS parameter in BPQCFG specifies which extended options you want to use.
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      Hey folks...maybe you can clue me in on something I've wondered about for a long time and a glitch I'm seeing.

      First, what is the difference between KISS and XKISS? I can't find much on it other than XKISS seems to be a enhanced or extended version of KISS by John??

      Looks like XKISS might have better error checking/correction versus plain old KISS???

      What should I use? If I use XKISS, then do I need to change BPQ32's port config any from a standard KISS port setup? Make any difference?

      I also see a zip file of KISS ROMs for various older Kantronic's TNCc. Are these better than the build in KISS?

      I was also tinkering with a KAM-XL into a test BPQ32 node over the weekend. I'm just setting INT KISS and doing a rest then bringing up BPQ32 to talk to it. Using a real com port off a XP laptop. No USB<>232 adapters or the like.

      It seems to talk fine, but after awhile it's like it intermittently looses communication between BPQ32 and the TNC. I could see/hear traffic on channel, but nothing in monitor and if I tried to TX it wouldn't key the TNC. Powering the TNC off and then back on seemed to cure it, sometimes it seemed to cure itself. Kind of like the KISS communication breaks down?

      This same setup works flawless when in terminal mode (same laptop, port, cable, TNC). So I'm wondering if there is a KISS issue here??

      Seen others mention intermittent BPQ-to-TNC issues. Maybe this is all related?

      I don't see this on a KPC-9612+ setup nor recall seeing it on any of my VHF/UHF setups. Since this problem kicks up on the HF node, I'm suspect that it might be RFI related?

      I did notice that after I switched to using INT XKISS the problem seemed to go away..but did NOT test it extensively so I may just be kidding myself??? Maybe XKISS deals with the RFI caused errors better?


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