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FW: [IN_DHS_ARDC] Reminder - Statewide RACES Test July 17, 2010 [1 Attachment]

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  • Jerry - N9LYA
    Hi guys a reminder of the upcoming Indiana Statewide Test. Yes mainly to test Indiana Stations, but Please read the section in the attachment about packet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010

                       Hi guys a reminder of the upcoming Indiana Statewide Test… Yes mainly to test Indiana Stations, but  Please read the section in the attachment about packet participation where and when, and send your messages from your local BBS to w9sem@k9ctb.#cin.in.usa.noam    Subject : july 17th test msg tell us who you are and where you are and your pmail address.. and anything else you wish to include.


    As far as packet here we are looking for any messages.. It will help us see what we have here in Indiana and outside as well as how long it takes from time sent to time received.. We realize not all will be here on the 17th but will look at over all to see how we are connected.. J



    73 Jerry N9LYA






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    Subject: [IN_DHS_ARDC] Reminder - Statewide RACES Test July 17, 2010 [1 Attachment]


    Just a quick reminder of the Statewide RACES Test July 17th.


    From: West, Don
    Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:16 PM
    Subject: Statewide RACES Test July 17, 2010


    Indiana EMA Directors and RACES Team Members,


    Please find attached the details of the Statewide RACES Test scheduled for July 17.  As promised, I am getting the information to you much earlier that I did for the January test.


    I apologize for the length of the document, but I have included considerably more detail in this announcement than before in order to encourage increased participation in modes other than HF SSB voice.  I have also made some changes to the test process in order to more accurately measure our capabilities under the kinds of conditions we might reasonably expect after a major disaster, such as an earthquake.


    Of particular interest to IDHS is packet radio communications due to its ability to provide communication that is:

    ·        Not dependant upon the Internet

    ·        Error checking

    ·        Permits unattended operation

    ·        Text based

    ·        Utilizes “store and forward” technology

    ·        Accessible by local Hams


    Please encourage your teams to develop this capability.  


    In addition, while access to WebEOC is strictly a local decision, EMA Directors should know that IDHS Response welcomes participation on WebEOC by RACES Volunteers.  Of particular interest along these lines, would be reports of sever weather gleaned from local severe weather nets.  All six National Weather Service partners serving Indiana now have access to WebEOC.  While the Indy NWS Office has a robust system of reporting by Hams trained in weather spotting directly to the NWS, to my knowledge the remaining NWS Offices do not.  In the next few weeks, I will be sending more details concerning the recommended process. 


    I want to sincerely thank the many EMA Directors who have gone beyond the call of duty to recruit RACES Volunteers and work with the Ham community.


    Best regards,


    Don West


    Communications Director

    Emergency Response Division

    Indiana Dept of Home land Security




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