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RE: [BPQ32] RE: Bulletins

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  • Jerry - N9LYA
    Mike Good thought, and I thought of that when I generated my badwords.sys file. you asked for my MSYS Wordlist1.txt file. That is not the same as my
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1 12:28 PM

      Mike Good thought,


      and I thought of that when I generated my badwords.sys file.  you asked for my MSYS Wordlist1.txt file… That is not the same as my Badwords.sys file by any means… I just used it  for words to include in my badwords.sys file.


      There are no * or ! or anything but letters in my Badwords.sys file..


      I wonder is a rough space may cause a similar problem…

      I was careful to make sure there were none or any rough line ends.. etc.. But could have missed some or many..?? MSYS is very picky about spaces and lineends..


      73 jerry n9lya




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      Good Afternoon All

      Yes, K< call sign works fine, in my Housekeeping I have many set to , 0
      TA2BBS, 0
      I0OJJ, 0 (As of this morning)

      WP, 1
      WX, 1
      FBBLOG, 6

      ARL, 6
      ARRL, 6
      EU, 1
      DL, 0
      JPN, 0
      CENET, 0

      This seems to work quite well, I know AT: DL, 0 JPN, 0 isn't 100% the answer

      To reject bulls but it does lessen the bulls that will be sent or saved
      it isn't always Easy to get all forwarding partners running FBB or other
      to only send the Bulls we want rather most choose to Flood Groups.

      Jerry N9LYA in your Badword.sys are you using a * or! after the word, I am
      not sure
      How John wrote the list but maybe if the * or ! is present it will act as a
      wild card
      Then you will have a problem with words being held DISASTER! Will match
      In that word?

      Just a thought.


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