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Re: [BPQ32] Bpq and Winlink classic

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  • WS7I
    Chuck- See the message thread #488 on the groups.yahoo.com reflector. This addresses some of this. ... -- Jay WS7I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2010
      See the message thread #488 on the groups.yahoo.com reflector.  This addresses some
      of this.

      On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 1:00 PM, w5kav <bigbob1846@...> wrote:

      I been reading some of the prior posts regarding BPQ32 and Winlink
      classic. I see in these posts that there must have been a fix but
      I missed where and how. First I'd like to know if the latest version
      of BPQ32 will interface with WinLink classic when Winlink is running
      under Window 98 and BPQ is running under XP or can I change BPQ32
      to run under Windows 98 to interface with Bpq32

      I am running Winlink Classic 3.0 with the winscan 2.2 on a XP machine
      under Windows 98 config and would like to get it talking with BPQ32 so
      I can change over from PK232's to Kantronics Kam's alomg with my one
      SCS PTCII. I am already running the SCS PTC-IIe with Winlink Classic and using a ICOM 706MK2G a Yaesu FT920 on Pactor and would like to add a Yaesu FT 990 along with a VHF Radio to the mix. The reason for
      three rigs is my beam works on 15, 40 and 20 but not on 30 and 75
      meters so thus I have the SCS modem working on the beam and one PK232
      working on a different freq on a dipole. I can get Bpq32 working I
      can cut add the VHF port without adding a terminal. The other part of
      this is that I want to add a telnet connect into Winlink Classic
      thought BPQ32 if this is possible.

      I'm know wiz kid at computer programs so please common wording/text
      so I can fumble my way thought this and make things better for the
      people/stations I'm dealing with.

      TNXS in advance fo any help
      73es Chuck W5KAV

      Jay WS7I

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