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Re: [BPQ32] Re: Forwarding thoughts?

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  • bryan randy
    what a waste ofof ytime. ... From: Charles Brabham To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 8:46 PM Subject: Re: [BPQ32] Re: Forwarding thoughts?
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      what a waste ofof ytime.
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      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] Re: Forwarding thoughts?


      A new HF network currently in the works ( HamRadioNet ) will operate a bit differently. Here are a few of the differences:
      ------------ --------- -------
      1. Ham Radio Only - No non-ham links, routing or access allowed. No second chances for individuals caught routing around ham resources with non-ham ones, or caught providing non-ham access. In this HamradioNet, the medium takes precedence over the message. - It's all about ham radio.

      2. In the Clear - No message compression, so that 'reading the mail' is possible and actively encouraged. Only digital modes that can be readily monitored via free soundcard software are allowed.

      3. Global Net Participants Only - Only Global Net stations allowed to participate in forwarding links. User Access links open to all licensed amateurs on separate frequencies from those used for message forwarding/distribu tion.

      4. Message Size Limits

      - 10k size limit for point-to-point (  PTP ) distribution,  Size limit does not include R: lines, only the message text. No multi-part or tokenized ( binary ) messages. No distribution @WW.

      - 5k size limit for Multicast distribution. No multi-part or tokenized ( binary ) messages. @WW distribution only. All R:lines except originating station stripped. Alert messages to be sent in HTML format.
      5. Limited Bulletin Traffic
      - Only SYSOPs may post bulletins into the network. Users who wish to submit a bulletin for distribution must send the proposed bulletin to a HamRadioNet SYSOP as a personal message for review. If the bulletin is not allowed, the court of last resort is to submit the proposed bulletin to another HamRadioNet SYSOP.
      ------------ --------- --------- ------
      As you can see, it's not all about bulletin traffic, hinternet, or emcomm. - Instead, the emphasis at HamRadioNet will be on ham radio.
      Currently there is no plan to include an EMCOM function of any kind, though of course the network would always be available for EMCOM type communications during an actual emergency, just like any other ham radio net. 
      HamRadioNet is intended to exist in addition to, not instead of other networks, so panic or agression is not really called for here. No need to get your knickers all in a bunch over it.
      73 DE Charles Brabham, N5PVL
      Prefer to use radio for your amateur radio communications? - Stop by at HamRadioNet. Org !

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