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RE: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32 Incoming PACTOR or WINMOR. RMS routing issues.

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  • John Wiseman
    Hi FInn, Comments are embedded below John, I did a request and to my understanding on general basis it is an administrative issue discussing 3.party SW and
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 27, 2010
      Hi FInn,
      Comments are embedded below

      John, I did a request and to my understanding on general basis it is an administrative issue discussing 3.party SW and posting or not on WL2Ks databases, but the issue will probably not be adressed in the nearest future. I guess HF is the important issue here.

      The criteria to be in the database is one question, and how to administer the database is another. I agree upon the importance of those questions.

      Maybe with new SW available a lot of new stations wish to start scanning for a while. Both Pactor and especially WINMOR because of price. Perhaps they may come and go. WL2K need commitment and stability, so at the time beeing before guidelines I guess the use of a RMS PACKET is the realistic solution if using BPQ32 for scanning on HF.

      Perhaps different SW for some different bands can be a possible combination? 

      As you may have seen on the Winmor list recently, Rick has said "We (actually Vic) has supplied the mechanism to report server status to the Winlink data base for responsible operators of other systems.As such they will be able to show up on the list if they choose to report", so it looks like there is an opportunity here.

      As explained to me generally, another issue really is "hidden" transmitters, when HF servers who are scanning too fast suddenly is hearing a call directed towards them, without having had time enough to find out if there is another trafic going on on the actual "stopped" frequency.
      What to do RELIABLY? How to avoid collisions, and not breaking links?

      If BUSYLOCK is set to TRUE, then WINMOR won't reply to the station if the channel is occupied. There is the possibility that  you could switch to a frequency just as the call starts, so miss the channel being occupied, but this is better than nothing.

      ------------ --------- --------- --------- ------
      About SSIDs when calls are coming in from PACTOR or WINMOR,
      I WOULD APPLAUDE YOUR SUGGESTION OF CHANGING THE CODE so the SSIDs is not inverted when Pactor and Winmor calls are routed out of NetRom into level 2 AX25. An example could be entering another Winlink RMS Packet where internet is not destroyed if internet has gone down at the BPQ-site. Maybe such a call has to be routed through a FlexNet Node. I have experienced the "chaos" of both in our local neighbourhood.

      Ok, I'll change this for the next release. I can only do it where the downlink call is made from the same node as the WINMOR uplink. If the call is routed via another NETROM node before downlinking. Iwon't know that it originated from WINMOR

      I have been reading a lot the last days about Winlinks handling of SSIDs (real packet, or quasi-SSIDs used by a Pactor or Winmor station.). This has changed over time. Not always fully documented at the time of change as far as I understand.

      To my understanding PACLINK do handle this properly, because of using not the SSID , but entered information about the "real SSID" in a kind of "MID". And ONE PACLINK session can handle mails for the 16 possible SSIDs of a base call.

      But it is more or less unclear for me what can happen if the single user Airmail is used, and/or if it is the first registry into the Winlink system.
      Answers has been a bit varying. It depends upon where I find it discussed.

      My understanding is that Winlink treats all SSIDs as different emal accounts, so if a message is sent to g8bpq-1 and I connect as g8bpq-2, either direct or using Airmail, I won't get the messages. BPQMailChat has the option to poll up to 3 SSID's.

      ------------ --------- --------- -----
      Your introducing of scanning PACTOR and WINMOR and interlock seems to be fantastic.


      As I understand the BPQ32 documentations it seems that the scanning options is avalable for ICOM , YAESU, AND now also KENWOOD recently.
      With amongst other options for telling USB or LSB and frequency and type and speed of scan.

      My wish now, (as the guy who made Rick put in RESPONSEdelay and LEADERextension options in WINMOR TNC, while I at that time was thinking only of a FM radio STBY on a specific repeater for emcom), is to be able in the BPQ scanning setup to specify:

      1: FM mode (as an addition to USB or LSB)and

      This is already an option

      2: Duplex ON or OFF as an (addition to the frequency and timing set)
      (the shift varying with the band off course). Shift has to be set up in advance.
      Thus even making possible some simplex FM frequencies in between.

      I can add this if I can find the commands for Duplex ON and OFF

      Down the priority ladder:
      3: Maybe putting in possibility to "order" some preprogrammed memory frequences, where on some rigs even split bands may be programmed in.
      This would even make it possible to use a crossband repeater where all tx is 2m and all rx is 70cm.

      Maybe on some rigs it is possible with some setup where VFO A is TX and VFO B is RX and both freely chosen.
      If this is the case, the command could be "SPLIT" and then give two frequencies, one for TX and the other for RX
      I dont know if any of the wish #3 is possible with a IC 7000.

      To be specific our club is thinking of an IC 7000 for the purpose of scanning some 70cm and 2m narrow band repeaters, and eventually a 6m repeater if coming.
      This way the repeater emmcom backup with WINMOR is greatly enhanced beyond pure packet coverage. Without the hazzle of HF a lot of places.
      Infrastructure do seldom break down in our vicinity. It may more often be search and rescue within repeater coverage.

      FM mode is an option in the setup of WINMOR. Maybe FM choice is necessary for the two .ini repeater parameters to be changed.

      Again, I'd need to know the commands for this. I have an IC 7000, and will look into it when I return to where the radio is (which may not be for several weeks),

      There should be no problem of hidden transmitter with such a repeater operation, and 5-6 sec could be enough as dwell time.
      Maybe Rick generally also is planning for scanning, since he recently introduced the option of 3-15 calls in WINMOR, not only defaulted 5.

      Rick added the retry option at my request. As far as I know the WInlink team have no plans to use scanning in RMS

      Another pure HF Icom and Kenwood for a couple of normal HF bands. PACTOR and/or WINMOR, so the RIG control will come in handy for the ICOM rigs, and now even Kenwood.

      Congratulations! !

      What you say?

      73 LA7UM Finn



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