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Re: [BPQ32] Help...link...XNET-BPQ32-ARcluster

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  • IK2XDE Andrea
    MessageHi, *************************************** IR2UBX-10 (XNET node) listen on UDP 93 send on UDP 94 Of course, on XNET amake alink as follow: att ip1
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 10, 2010
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      IR2UBX-10 (XNET node)
      listen on  UDP 93
      send  on  UDP 94

      Of course, on XNET amake alink as follow:

      att ip1 axudp 1 1 l93 d94
      po 1 baud 256000
      po 1 name UDPLINK
      po 1 per 255
      po 1 DUP 1
      po 1 txd 2
      po 1 win 7

      ro local add 18 IK2XDE-9 ND
      ro local add 18 IK2XDE-14 ND

      BQP32 (bpqaxip.cfg)
      listen on UDP 94
      send  on UDP 93

      ; Config file for BPQAXIP

      UDP 94
      MAP IR2UBX-10 KEEPALIVE 180 UDP 93
      MAP NODES UDP 93


      Other question is if all other setting is ok,
      for example, is correct to call node  IK2XDE-14....??

      Is correct to make e  "Locked routes"
      with IK2XDE-9 (AR Cluster)
      or i will put IK2XDE-14....??

      How to declare a link  BPQ32 (IK2XDE-14)  and ARcluster (IK2XDE-9)


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      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] Help...link...XNET-BPQ32-ARcluster

      You are sending to IR2UB-10 on UDP Port 10093, but say XNET is listening on UDP 93.
      If XNET is also sending on 93, you need a UDP 93 in bpqaxip.cfg.
      John G8BPQ
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