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Re: [BPQ32] DXSpider sysop needed to test BPQ32

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  • Stephen J Carroll
    Ron, I will put together a few notes on using BPQ32 and DXSpider, although as you noted it s pretty much a plug & play drop-in replacement for AGWPE. John s
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 21, 2005
      I will put together a few notes on using BPQ32 and DXSpider, although as you noted it's pretty much a "plug & play" drop-in replacement for AGWPE. John's reply about using BPQTelnetServer to monitor unproto packets helps enormously.
      Unfortunately, I'm headed out of town this morning... so the write-up will have to wait until I return.
      Thanks for all your work !!!
      73, Steve - K2SC
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 12:26 PM
      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] DXSpider sysop needed to test BPQ32


      Would you be able to provide a write up which I could include in future
      documentation about how to configure DXSpider for use with BPQ32?  I
      suppose it would be brief, the idea of the new BPQ32 is in that
      application is it a simple replacement for AGWPE, probably only
      requiring a change in the port number (either configuring DXSpider to
      use port 8001, or changing AGWtoBPQ to use 8000 (in which case the new
      BPQ32 should just 'drop in')).  I am also interested in your startup

      You are correct in that you cannot use AGWTerm...for monitoring, as
      currently BPQ32 lacks that aspect of it's interface, but this is
      something John may add.  BPQTerminal does have a monitor window, however
      it lacks multiple connect windows.  I think the lack of multiple connect
      windows in BPQTerminal  is why you would wish to use AGWTerm...?  At
      this point you can regain this capability by configuring your ports to
      use AGWPE.  I have done so, but primarily to exercise the BPQtoAGW.dll

      Apparently the originally released AGWtoBPQ.exe did not suffer from the
      'callsign registration' issue reported in the case of Digi_ned?  You
      will want to try the latest AGWtoBPQ.exe just released today which you
      will find in the archive in folder BPQ32_409r_Beta_20050920 in the files
      section.  The new .exe has a date of 9/19/2005 6:57PM and reports it's
      revision as 0.15 Beta Sept 2005.

      Ron, N5IN

      scarroll@... wrote:
      > Ron,
      > You must be reading my mind, as I was just getting ready to draft an
      > email.
      > Over the past weekend, I was able to get BPQ32 working like a champ
      > (with your
      > recommendations) and it's been running 3 RF ports without a problem.
      > The one
      > thing I do miss though is the remote monitoring of unproto frames that
      > AGWPE
      > gave me. Perhaps in the near future the BPQTerminal will allow logging
      > in from
      > ANY remote ip address over the internet. The AGWTerm program was very
      > helpful
      > in that regard. Mind you, I have replaced AGWPE with BPQ32 (w/DXSpider
      > for
      > Windows). Of course, I could always run both and still use AGWTerm...
      > however,
      > in my setup AGWPE isn't necessary. Running W98SE on the computer, so I
      > had to
      > manually do the .OCX registration, etc. But, so far it's working fine.
      > Hope
      > that information helps, let me know what else I can tell you.
      > 73, Steve - K2SC
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