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RE: [BPQ32] BPQ Config Issue?

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  • kd6pgi@gorge.net
    A huge thanks...I turned off the portnum command and it works great. I don t need it anyway, so all is well. ... From : John
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 14, 2009
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      A huge thanks...I turned off the portnum command and
      it works great. I don't need it anyway, so all is well.

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      docs aren't at all clear about what port number in
      BPQTerminal monitor is. The
      ports are listed, and enabled, in the order they are
      specified in bpqcfg.txt. If
      you only have one port, but put PORTNUM=2 in the
      config, it will appear as Port
      1 in the monitoring.

      look into making this more obvious, but it the
      meantime I suggest that unless
      you have a very good reason to do so, you don't use
      the PORTNUM command in
      bpqcfg, and just let the software number the ports


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      [BPQ32] BPQ Config Issue?

      This may seem like a strange question...

      I decided to shut down my
      AGWPE and just run the TNC direct in KISS mode. It
      works fine if the Port
      Number is set to 2, but if I change the Port Number
      to 1, I cannot issue a
      connect from the BPQ Terminal. For example, if
      PortNo is 1, C 1 GORGE does not
      work. If PortNo is 2, C 2 GORGE does work. Of
      course, the Terminal does not
      monitor port 2 (or is there a way to change that?)

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