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RE: [BPQ32] L4 Visibility to L2 Apps ?

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  • John Wiseman
    Charlie, BPQ32 does not support outgoing TCP connections (BPQTelnetServer is incoming only), so you can t map L2 or L4 addresses to Telnet. The Command alising
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2009
      BPQ32 does not support outgoing TCP connections (BPQTelnetServer is incoming only), so you can't map L2 or L4 addresses to Telnet.
      The Command alising facility gives a limited ability to give a L4 address to an L2 app. eg
      A Level 4 connect to L2APPL would result in a connection to L2CALL via port 1
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      In XRouter, it is possible to give a basic L2 application L4 visibility with a global setting called PROXY.

      Here's the info from the XRouter TXT file:

      Added proxies to allow L2 and TCP/IP systems to be proxied onto NetRom, i.e. to give them a L4 visibility. These are activated by new global PROXY= commands in XROUTER.CFG as follows:

      PROXY=<call> <alias> <qual> <ipaddr> <tcpport> [pass]
      PROXY=<call> <alias> <qual> <l2call> <rfport>

      The first form is for Netrom->TCP and the second is for NetRom->Ax25.
      Note that the password is not used in the Netrom->ax25 case. I'm not sure I agree with giving every Tom, Dick and Harry ax25 system a L4 presence because the node tables are already full enough! The optional [pass] argument can be up to 8 characters, and is sent
      after the callsign on the first line sent upon connection, to verify
      that the connection is coming from the proxy. Examples:

      PROXY=gb7pzt kdrbbs 150 8888 mypass
      PROXY=mb7uyl tstbbs 120 g8pzt-3 7

      If you wish the TCP/IP system to be visible to AX25 but not Netrom, set the quality to zero.

      Is this currently possible with BPQ32?

      Charlie - M0PZT

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