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  • MIchael Melnik Sr.
    ... Myself not being famillar with BPQ setup i don t know how the ports get set up, if you run msys and it locks up with a I.D, Node BCst or a connection
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 17, 2006
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      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "hawkxpflyer" <kgoebel@i...> wrote:
      >Hi Again Karl,
      Myself not being famillar with BPQ setup i don't know how the ports
      get set up, if you run msys and it locks up with a I.D, Node BCst or
      a connection attempt, it is a sigh that msys doesn't see a connection
      to the one of the serial ports, it will usally stop with a port #
      error, One thing that is important with msys is the serial port be
      set to Hardwre Handshaking, in the device mgr. myself running msys
      for 6 years i have seen windows lie to as what the port address is,
      you should run the MUTIL 5 Test serial Ports to see what msys thinks
      the port address is. Make sure you run the MUTIL 9 every time you
      make a change in the .opt file. you mite want to add the statement
      FulD 0 in the .Do file and set the FullDuplex to 0 in BPQ, i have
      had nothing but trouble running fullduplex with all Packet programs
      as they Collide with each other.
      Tomorrow if i have time i will try MSYS with BPQ32 and see if i can
      help you out..I am running WinFBB 7.01B and BPQ 32S dated 1225 but
      only was able to get it working with the Help from Art, N9ZZK
      a very Special Thanks for all his Help... MSYS is a great program
      except for it not being Telnet Capable other than using a SLIP.
      I hope this is some help, I will get back to you in a day or so..


      > I am trying to configur BPQ32 to run under one machine and the
      > has MSYS running. I currently have one Kiss port configured under
      > BPQ32 that works just fine in communicating to the MSYS BBS
      > I want to be able to put a null modem cable between the two
      > machines. I currently have a db 9 cable made up that has pins 5
      > together and 2 and 3 twisted. This is my null modem cable.
      > I have Msys configured
      > I have the following Port statements in BPQ32.
      > When I have the PORT1 installed, It hangs up BPQ Terminal and also
      > the MSYS.. Anyone have ideas on how to set up a null modem Port
      > Statement that works.
      > Karl
      > ; AX25 port definitions:
      > ;
      > ;
      > ; With the following definition BPQ32 access the TNC directly:
      > ;
      > PORT
      > PORTNUM=2
      > PORT ID=145.05 ; Displayed by PORTS command
      > TYPE=ASYNC ; Port is RS232 Com
      > PROTOCOL=KISS ; TNC is used in KISS mode
      > IOADDR=1 ; 1 = SERIAL PORT COM1 ETC.
      > SPEED=4800 ; RS232 COM PORT SPEED
      > CHANNEL=A ; Address if multichannel TNC
      > QUALITY=192 ; Setting to 0 stops node broadcasts
      > MAXFRAME=7 ; Max outstanding frames (1 thru 7)
      > TXDELAY=300 ; Transmit keyup delay in
      > SLOTTIME=100 ; CMSA interval timer in milliseconds
      > PERSIST=64 ; PERSIST=256/(# of transmitters-1)
      > FULLDUP=0 ;
      > FRACK=5000 ; Level 2 timout in milliseconds
      > RESPTIME=500 ; Level 2 delayed ack time
      > RETRIES=10 ; Level 2 maximum retry value
      > PACLEN=236 ; Default max pac length for this
      > L3ONLY=0 ; 1=No user downlink
      > DIGIFLAG=0 ; Digipeat: 0=OFF, 1=ALL, 255=UI Only
      > DIGIPORT=0 ; Port # on which to send digi'd
      > USERS=0 ; Limit # of L2 sessions, 0 = no
      > ENDPORT
      > ;
      > ;
      > PORT
      > PORTNUM=1
      > ID=BPQ<=>MSYS ;Displayed by PORTS command
      > TYPE=ASYNC
      > IOADDR=2 ;Use com port 2
      > QUALITY=203
      > MAXFRAME=1
      > FRACK=1000
      > RESPTIME=0
      > RETRIES=10
      > PACLEN=236
      > FULLDUP=1
      > DIGIFLAG=0
      > QUALADJUST=100
      > ENDPORT
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