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Re: [BPQ32] Re: OCX Registration procedure problem with W98SE

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  • Ron Stordahl
    Tony Your findings regarding REGSVR32.EXE in W98SE are very helpful. I was not able to find a W98SE machine, but I did find a WME machine, and was able to
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 16, 2005

      Your findings regarding REGSVR32.EXE in W98SE are very helpful. I was
      not able to find a W98SE machine, but I did find a WME machine, and was
      able to duplicate your findings. I have also been searching on
      Microsofts site and so far have not come across anything that would
      indicate that REGSVR32.EXE cannot be involked from a batch file. I
      would have expected this would have been mentioned somewhere, as it
      appears to be the case. So I am still researching this matter and if
      nothing else will have to come up with instructions on how to do this
      procedure 'by hand' on W95/W98/WME machines. Of course if someone can
      find where Microsoft explains this it would be nice!

      As to 'Listening Sesions' and 'Application Mask' in AGWtoBPQ.exe here is
      a summary:

      Application Mask is a bit mask applicable to the parm APPLICATIONS= in
      bpqcfg.txt. The only non zero value currently functional is 1, which
      corresponds to the first positional parm in APPLICATIONS=, which
      corresponds to the 'BBS' user application (and the call BBSCALL=). An
      example would be AR-Cluster, wherein the first positional parm would
      sensibly be 'DX'. That is what you will find in the provided bpqcfg.txt
      file. Values higher than 1 will require further enhancements to BPQ32
      (you would need a BBSCALL1 a BBSCALL2). A nice enhancement for the
      future, but for now defaulting this to 1 seems reasonable to me.

      Listening Sessions is the maximum number of incoming connections. The
      total number available is as I recall 63, however some are needed for
      outgoing connections and apparently a couple for internal use (I don't
      know the details on that). So I should probably have recommended a
      larger number than 10, such as 32 (which I am pulling out of the air).
      I think Ill change my set up to a higher number tomorrow.

      Don't think Ill get much done on the REGSVR32 issue this weekend.....

      Ron, N5IN

      Tony Hunt wrote:
      > Ron .. Ive had a play with the OCX registrations on another W98SE
      > machine ..
      > Same issues..
      > The batch files dont work.. You can not run REGSVR32.EXE from a dos
      > window.
      > It refuses to
      > run the file comming back with "bad command or filename" ..
      > REGSVR32.EXE is
      > a hidden file in 98
      > living in WINDOWS\SYSTEM .. Ive tried running the batch files from the
      > windows\system folder as
      > well.. You just cant run REGSVR32 from DOS.
      > I dont use BPQaxip at all .
      > This is what works. Other similar combinations may work also.
      > config a bpqcfg.bin file the usual way.
      > Copied the following to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder BPQCFG.BIN , BPQ32.DLL ,
      > VB40032.DLL , BPQCtrl.ocx ,
      > cswsk32.ocx
      > Now use the Start Menu> Run option to run the REGSVR32 by running
      > regsvr32 cswsk32.ocx /u
      > then
      > regsvr32 cswsk32.ocx
      > then
      > regsvr32 BPQCtrl.ocx /u
      > then
      > regsvr32 BPQCtrl.ocx
      > I also found that using the brouse option to find the regsvr32.exe file on
      > the RUN command line
      > would create the full path of C:\Windows\system\regsvr32.exe and this was
      > preferable as at times it seemed
      > not to be able to find regsvr32.exe which probably depends on the Path
      > setting. If Windows explorer was still
      > open at the Windows\system folder then I didnt need the full path to run
      > regsvr32.exe . Never seen this before
      > but it seemed to hold true consistantly.
      > I am not sure about the VB40032.DLL file but it was part of the hit
      > and miss
      > procedure I followed..
      > The REGSVR appears to run the switch up when deregistering/registering the
      > BPQCtrl.ocx and so it needed
      > the Bin file and access to the BPQ32.DLL .
      > Pretty messy procedure in all.. Maybee it helps you understand what is
      > really going on and therefore you can
      > streamline it a bit further.
      > You asked what programe I was using that was running the OCX interface. I
      > was thinking Ui-View32 was under
      > this banner. Perhaps not..
      > Can you explain what is going on in the AGWtoBPQ interface with the
      > "Listening sessions" and "Application masks" settings.
      > I can not make much sense of this as yet but Ive done very limited testing
      > with Connected frames.
      > Tony VK5AH
      > > From: "Ron Stordahl N5IN" <ron.stordahl@...>
      > > Subject: OCX Registration procedure problem with W98SE
      > >
      > > --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Hunt" <wavetel@i...> wrote:
      > > ..
      > > ..
      > > I could not work out what was going on with the AGWtoBPQ.exe .. Not
      > > much info on that that I could find.. It complained about the ocx not
      > > being registered. I found the BAT files for that but they wont work
      > > on WIN 98SE .. I copied the 2x OCX files to the WINDOWS/SYSTEM
      > > folder with the batch files but still refused to run.. So I used the
      > > RUN option from the windows start menu and typed the regsvr32
      > > commands in manually from there. After a while it appears to have
      > > registered the OCX files ok.. All good .. Maybee thats old ground but
      > > I found it took a while to figure out.
      > > ..
      > > ..
      > > Tony Hunt VK5AH
      > >
      > > Tony
      > >
      > > I have only tested BPQ32 on W2K and WXP and the registration batch
      > > files work fine when executed from c:\Program Files\BPQ32\. It's
      > > news to me that W95/W98/WME would require a different procedure.
      > > Here are the batch files:
      > >
      > > RegSvrBpqOcx.bat:
      > > regsvr32 BPQCtrl.ocx /u
      > > regsvr32 BPQCtrl.ocx
      > >
      > > Regcswsk32.bat:
      > > regsvr32 cswsk32.ocx /u
      > > regsvr32 cswsk32.ocx
      > >
      > > What's needed is a single procedure that works on platforms from W95
      > > thru WXP, I hope that someone on this forum has the answer and will
      > > share it. Lacking that Ill try to find one of the old boxes this
      > > weekend and do some searching for an answer.
      > >
      > > Ron, N5IN
      > >
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