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RE: RE: [BPQ32] Router assigning strange ports?

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  • n6kzb
    Thanks will try that. I was suspecting a axip mapped route recently added. Mike --- In bpq32@yahoogroups.com, wrote: Mike Click on the Yellow
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2013

      Thanks will try that. I was suspecting a axip mapped route recently added.


      --- In bpq32@yahoogroups.com, <mmelnik1@...> wrote:


      Click on the Yellow BPQ Icon lower right of tool tray, select BPQ
      32 Console, this will open the
      BPQ32 MDI Window, click on the BPQ32 Console Version DLL window,
      scroll down the window
      And check for any errors, if all ok, see my below comment.

      I have seen the same from time to time going back to version 5 of
      BPQ32 (WIN/BPQ) it seems to happen
      More when I edit in or make a change in eth AXIP port
      configuration and then do a RE-Read.

      Usually closing all BPQ32 Programs and restarting BPQ32 programs
      solves the problem, how ever I have
      Seen the same problem if MAP a user in, I rarely Map users in
      relying on the AUTOADDMAP, but there
      Are some users that do not use AUTOADDMAP so the Node/Host needs
      to be mapped in, when I run
      Across the strange port address, I run a Ping on the Host and
      check their IP Address, in most cases
      There is a problem on the partner's end that the Host Updater has
      not been installed or set up, if the two
      IP Address do not match you see the wrong port address.

      My first suggestion is not to MAP your partner in if he has (you
      Mapped in), wait a bit, then check the
      AXIP Resolver again for that call.

      Once you have received his IP Address, you can ping his Host and
      compare against his received IP address.

      John G8BPQ may have a better idea.

      Let us know if this helps.


      Mike N9PMO
      BPQ32 Group Moderator

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      Have BPQ running and the normal ports open on the router;

      10092  10093  12055 directed to the BPQ computer

      I map as I should for 10093.

      But after a while I broadcast an odd port # such as 52911 on

      The 10093 gets ignored and when this happens, no one can axip to
      me as they are trying on 10093.

      Pulling my hair out on this one,

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