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[OT]: Book on packet radio and similar things (2)

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  • Miroslav Skoric
    Hi all, As I mentioned in my previous mail, 6/23/2013 11:12 PM, after having published some book chapters on packet and assorted stuff (see the book titles
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2013
      Hi all,

      As I mentioned in my previous mail, 6/23/2013 11:12 PM, after having
      published some book chapters on packet and assorted stuff (see the book
      titles bellow), I plan to work on the whole book - in order to promote
      the hobby within the educational community. Now after having received
      some comments from potential contributors, and after discussion with a
      publishing house, there are some more clarifications:

      At first, it is expected that the whole manuscript meets the acceptable
      word/chapter count of 160,000+ words dispersed among approximately 15+
      chapters. That means the prospective coauthor/contributor should prepare
      a chapter of at least 10,000-13,000 words (from my experience that
      equals 25-40 pages, depending on the number of figures, tables, and
      other non-text materials). Authors planning to produce more than one
      chapter are also welcomed, provided each chapter meets the same criteria.

      Secondly, and what shell differentiate this publication from previous
      books on ham radio, is a fact that publishers of scholarly books and
      journals intended for use by academicians, upper-level students, as well
      as seasoned professionals and practitioners usually want that new
      publications are suitable for reference section inclusion in academic
      libraries, as well as to help advance research in diverse fields through
      the discussion of methodologies, tools, theories, applications, and data
      analysis. In that manner, some houses do not publish "how to" books,
      tutorials, guide books, or books intended to walk a user step-by-step
      through a process.

      Therefore, a scholarly book is expected to approach the chapters in a
      way which is not intended as a tutorial, but rather include items such
      as literature reviews, reference citations, and academic discourse. From
      my experience, the sections within a book chapter might be the following:

      - Abstract (100-150 words),
      - Introduction (Description of the general perspective of the chapter),
      - Background (broad definitions and discussions of the topic and
      incorporate views of others (literature review)),
      - Main focus of the chapter (I used some of them: Educational
      perspectives of the amateur radio, Security issues and solutions,
      Samples of Educational Experiments, ...)
      - Discussion (Solutions and Recommendations, Equipment description, ...),
      - Future Trends (Future Research Directions),
      - Conclusion,
      - Acknowledgements (not mandatory),
      - References (mandatory, the previous works that are cited in the chapter),
      - Additional Reading Section (usually mandatory, the list of other
      useful literature),
      - Terms and Their Definitions (key words),
      - Appendices (if needed, part of program code, config params, etc).

      In the book chapters bellow, I discussed my experiments with: DosFBB,
      WinFBB, LinFBB, BPQ, BPQ32, Winpack, AA4RE, Protus, FPAC, JNOS, Xrouter,
      networking in general with DOS, Windows, Debian, and Ubuntu, compiling
      the software, as well as some other stuff.

      Third, every coauthor should submit a copy of his/her resume for the
      publishing house' records.

      So, please let me know off-list your thoughts and if you are willing to
      make a contribution to meet this publishing initiative.




      book chapter author in those books:

      Handbook of Research on Human Performance and Instructional Technology
      ISBN: 978-1-60566-782-9; 678 pp; October 2009
      Published under Information Science Reference, an imprint of IGI Global
      Edited by: Holim Song, Terry T. Kidd

      Simulation in Computer Network Design and Modeling: Use and Analysis
      ISBN: 978-1-46660-191-8; 582 pages; February 2012
      Published by IGI Global, USA
      Edited by: Hussein Al-Bahadili

      Wireless Networks and Security: Issues, Challenges and Research Trends
      ISBN: 978-3-642-36168-5; 510 pages; February 2013
      Published by Springer, Germany
      Edited by: Shafiullah Khan, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan
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