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Re: [BPQ32] Is there a way to monitor linbpq?

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  • Bill Vodall
    ... It looks like the TNC emulator already has a simple KISS option.. I m learning to check before asking... So since the to-do list must be about empty,
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 22, 2013
      > I've just had a thought.
      > LinBPQ now includes a TNC2 Emulator. So you just need to set up a TNC2
      > port, attach a terminal program, and enter Mon ON
      > See
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/BPQCFGFile.html##TNCPort
      > for configuring the TNC Emulator.

      It looks like the TNC emulator already has a simple KISS option..
      I'm learning to check before asking...

      So since the to-do list must be about empty, here's some notes from
      the aprsisce-cafe where they were chatting about similar inter-program
      connectivity and the touch tone feature of the Dire Wolf sound card
      modem. The "simple net KISS" looks useful as a light weight (keep it
      simple) scheme.

      Bill, WA7NWP


      I don’t know if KISS over IP is a new scheme, but I looked around very
      hard to try and do what I wanted. Wanted something a bit more user
      friendly. Than com0com. I had a Free IP to com port virtual software
      On asking John, he had a lot of the code required already to hand and
      was able to get it going in short order.
      This had nothing to do with APRSIS32, but I knew there was a TCP/IP
      option on the KISS setup, so gave it a go and it works fine, so you
      could connect to a system anywhere in the world.
      I think KISS over IP is a more flexible approach, in terms that it’s
      easy to connect anything that ever looked at a TNC.

      John is now working on Decoding DTMF, for APRStt, and hopefully Lynn
      will find time to do something with that.
      Very handy for SAR and EMA where you can get any Amateur with a
      capable radio to join in.

      All the hard work of course is done by people like Lynn and John, I
      just come up with ideas and research things a bit.
      Sometimes the ideas are good other times bad.
      But I do hope that I have helped make both bits of software what they
      are today. I think if I can support people like Lynn and John, in some
      small way, it’s some payback for the time and effort they put in to
      giving us the software we use.
      The other interesting project is of Course the RDF system being
      developed by another amateur which hopefully will integrate with
      All in all this is progressing into a very advanced APRS system, which
      I don’t think will be bettered for some time to come, if at all.

      Big thank you to all involved

      Steve Daniels
      Amateur Radio Callsign G6UIM
      Torbay Freecycle Owner
      APRSISCE/32 Beta tester and WIKI editor http://aprsisce.wikidot.com

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      All you do for KISS over TCP/IP is to open, read, and write a socket
      instead of a COMM port. The over-the-wire protocol is identical, it's
      just the transport that is changed. Oh, and you don't have to think
      about baud rate, bits, or parity!
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