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Re: [BPQ32] Chat server

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  • Tommi Holopainen
    Yes, done that -Tommi
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 23, 2013
      Yes, done that


      On 23.03.2013 17:29, Mike wrote:


      In the new Chat server, configuration, did you set the Chat Appl Number?
      You will also need to enter Nodes to link to as from the old chat server.

      Mike N9PMO
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      I just updated a new version BPQ (win). There are now a separated chat
      server, its seems ok but not allow connects outside (telnet or
      radioport) I get connect only with BPQCHATs own chat console.
      When connect via Telnet...it says Connected to chat..and stopped there.
      Not connects seen in chat server.
      Before mail&chatserver system worked ok.
      Any ideas ?


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