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9874RE: [BPQ32] LinBPQ BBS 'export'

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  • Richard
    Mar 6, 2013

      Peter, I chatted to John and he came out with version 95 which corrected the problems I had – One can enter upper/lower case for the paths and directory making it more in line with Linux standards …


      I wanted to place all the files into a separate directory, not in LinBPQ’s root – too messy …


      73, Dick ZS6RO




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      On 07/03/13 02:22, Richard wrote:


      John, In LinBPQ I am trying to get the BBS to export a bulletin to a file in a directory … I get an error ‘Failed to Export File /HOME/LINBPQ/FILES/WW.OUT” … I have created the necessary directories (lower-case) – just didn’t create an empty file (ww.out) …


      In Linux (as you know), paths/filenames are case sensitive … By virtue of the error message showing the path/filename all in upper-case, does this mean LinBPQ is looking for upper-case path and filename(s) ??? .. I can’t go and change to upper-case as it goes against the ‘standard’ and will look odd …


      73, Dick ZS6RO

      Hi Dick,

                 I use,      FILE WW.TXT

      Regards ..... Peter

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