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9842LinBPQ BBS Error

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  • Peter - ZL2BAU
    Mar 4, 2013
      Hi John,

      I have come across an error on the mail forwarding.

      Under USERS with my callsign, I have ticked

      Include SYSOP msgs in LM


      WAINOD:ZL2BAU-5} Connected to BPQBBS
      ZL2BAU de ZL2BAU - Waimate BBS >

      ZL2BAU de ZL2BAU - Waimate BBS >
      SP ZL2BAU @ WAIBBS < ZL2BAU $3414_ZL2BAU
      *** Protocol error: The number of answers does not match the number of


      When EXPERT is unticked, all is ok again.

      The reason for ticking the EXPERT was trying to get a BBS short prompt
      so the above error was found more by accident, Hi.

      Regards ..... Peter