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9805RE: [BPQ32] Receive bulletins via BPQ32 email server/ POP3 client?

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  • Jerry
    Feb 27, 2013
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      Mike.. Log into my Xrouter PC and open my email outlook express… NNTP is setup in there.. Under Packet Bulletins…  J


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      Subject: [BPQ32] Receive bulletins via BPQ32 email server/ POP3 client?



      Good morning all:

      I have been playing with BPQ32's built-in email server and have found that Thunderbird does not receive bulletins at all when configured per the BPQ email client config instructions. I do receive them just fine using Outpost PMM though.

      I have stepped through the online help pages, and delivering only personal mail appears to be by design. I tried a couple of searches here and nothing pertinent came up. Is there any way to work around this, or is there a reason that such a feature is not a good idea?

      I have run a 2-port node/BBS for a little over a year, but I would certainly consider myself a novice in all things BPQ32. I have only been trying POP3 access to it for about a week.

      Software is:
      BPQ32 Version
      Thunderbird 17.0.3
      Outpost PMM 2.7.0 c21
      All running on the same dual-core Pentium running Vista 32.

      This is my first post to the group. Thank you all very much for all the help you have provided me previously on other topics and I look forward to any insight you may have.


      Warren, Maine FN54jc

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