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9791RE: [BPQ32] LinBPQ Mail Import

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  • Richard
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Yes, I get the

      SB ALL @ GBR $BPQ0001 < G8BPQ’

      ‘BID – NO’


      But I never saw the entry when the message was accepted – may not have looked hard enough - *Sigh ????? .. Let me create a test file quickly – OK, I created a ‘sp zs6ro” and then imported it – see below: (Note that I created “sp zs6ro”, not “SP ZS6RO” – may be an idea to uppercase the displayed text?).

      I couldn’t find the message !!!!!!!



      ZS0MEE >

      sp zs6ro

      1 Messages Processed

      ZS0MEE >



      73, Dick ZS6RO





      It is supposed to display the header from each message. I get

      import import.txt
      SB ALL @ GBR $BPQ0001 < G8BPQ
      SB ALL @ GBR $BPQ0002 < G8BPQ
      SB ALL @ GBR $BPQ0003 < G8BPQ
      3 Messages Processed
      John de G8BPQ>

      Don't you see that?


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