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9789RE: [BPQ32] LinBPQ Mail Import

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  • Richard
    Feb 24, 2013

      Great John – ‘messages’ web page works again … Can you include in a future version, when the import has taken place, the relevant text file is deleted ??

      I also noticed that while importing, each message that is rejected is displayed as ‘BID –NO’ and so on, but when any message is accepted, nothing is displayed except until at the end of the import task when it may say ‘2 message…’ - I then must do a “L” to display what was accepted – not a train smash …

      Nice feature – thanks for doing it so promptly - appreciated … The ‘timer’ function would be the cherry on top *Grin …

      73, Dick ZS6RO


      Sorry abut that.


      The routines I used for the case insensitive filters seem to behave differently on Linux.


      I've uploaded a fix - now version .89


      73, John

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