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  • Mike
    Feb 23, 2013

      This is just a guess, in the MailServer configuration, main
      The option Send SYSTEM Msgs to Sysop call may not be checked, then if
      Sysop has a different HR then his own, it may end up at the HR BBS, I
      Seen personal messages in my BPQ-BBS TO System@Call&HR (Not My Call&HR)

      As for the RMS ending up in the WP'S I have no clue, The Alias call I
      Found in my WP and again this is just a guess, the Sysop has the BBS
      Correct but may have entered his Alias in the SYSOP Call or the other
      Around, BBS Call may be his Alias?

      I hate to try experimenting here to duplicate the problem.


      Mike N9PMO
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      If ‘SYSTEM’ is part of *that* WinBPQ or LinBPQ Node/BBS, shouldn’t it be
      treated as ‘internal’ - by that I mean, that ‘SYSTEM’ should only relate
      to the BPQ Node/BBS its on – in my opinion it shouldn’t appear in the WP
      pages … And if it has to be  ‘SYSTEM@...’, shouldn’t the
      ‘xxx.yyy.zzz’ be picked up from the configuration parameters and thus
      set in concrete ??
      73, Dick ZS6RO (ZS0MEE)
      Yes, I think I need to add more validation to incoming WP messages.

      I have been having the same problem in the Windows version. I have been
      periodically checking WPs and deleting the SYSTEM entry, as well as
      several other obviously corrupted entries that keep appearing.

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Richard" wrote:
      > Thanks for the prompt reply John and the obvious answer . Funny part
      is, I'm
      > sure I looked for SYSTEM in WP about a week ago, but may have been
      > or didn't look closer enough .. ..
      > Found SYSTEM in WP and deleted it . I wonder how it got in there with
      > parameters ???
      > 73, Dick ZS6RO
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Look in WP for a record for SYSTEM and delete it
      > 73, John
      > _____
      > I have found for more than a week that I get email from "SYSTEM"
      > housekeeping, which is fine, but its addressed from:
      > My configuration doesn't have "KJ6IX.#WNV.NV.USA.NOAM" in it anywhere
      ??? ..
      > I found 'KJ6IX ' in my WP and deleted the entry but it still persists
      > If there has to be an
      "@ address, it should read @..." .
      > Any idea how I can correct this ?? .. I'm running LinBPQ '.85' .
      > 73, Dick ZS6RO
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