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9719Re: [BPQ32] 02-15-13 - WINDOWS BPQ VERSION

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  • enkitec
    Feb 18, 2013

          There is an application to do these functions. It is called BPQDOS by G7TAJ.

          Just uploaded it to the files section.

          73, Mark Jordan PY3SS

      On 18-Feb-13 11:36, Charles Brabham wrote:
      The system that I have used in the past is to use packet to obtain a copy of the file to be edited ( if I don't already have a copy ) and then use Windows Notebook or DOS EDIT.EXE to edit the file. - Then I simply replace the original file with the new version, reboot the remote system, and it uses the new file.
      To work with a remote BPQ node, I would have a copy of FBB BBS there with password access, that was only there for the FBBDOS functions and the ability to reboot the remote computer. - The BBS function was not utilized or available to anyone besides myself. This allowed me to do any file function that was required on the node, and maintain the remote node from my hamshack without difficulty.
      I find that the DOS versions of BPQ node is superior to the Windows version as far as remote access and maintanence is concerned. It also works well with PC-104 form industrial mini-computers, so I can have a remote node system with no moving or rotating parts that can handle heat, dust, etc.. They are pretty well bulletproof, have a built-in WatchDog function, and require very little power, a serious consideration if solar power is to be utilized at the node site.
      Modern DOS machines are flabbergastingly fast. - And utterly reliable.
      73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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