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971Contemplating a new BPQ/WinFBB setup for my area.

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  • Jeff
    Mar 15, 2008
      Hey guys/gals,

      I'm seriously contemplating a new PBBS for my area here in Northern
      Kentucky and have a few questions maybe this group can help answer for me.

      Is there a good list of current PBBS's out there for the USA? I've
      looked around some on the net, but I haven't really found a one-stop
      listing. I find some single state lists and most of them are really
      old lists.

      I've lightly perused over some of the documents out there, BTW the
      best are found here on this group. I gather there are some bugs in
      FBB when used with BPQ32? Just curious what these are in brief?

      Anyone on the list willing to give me some do's, dont's, and things to
      watch out for with BPQ32 and WinFBB?

      Latest version of WinFBB (which looks to be 7.00i) good to use, or is
      one of the prior versions better? Sometimes the latest and greatest
      isn't always the greatest ;-)

      I gather the Win32 WinFBB is pretty much Alpha software and the Win16
      stuff is much more stable?

      Can I, or better stated, has anyone ran WinFBB and BPQ32 alongside
      WinLink on the same TNC/Radio? AGW the route to go for this if it's
      possible? Would kind of like to offer a WinLink telpac station for
      the area, but maximize existing equipment if possible.

      I'd probably have to go with a VHF/UHF local port and forward via the
      internet. Pros and cons of this? How would I go about, or who do I
      contact, for forwarding arrangements and so forth?

      Thanks in advance for your patience with my questions!

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