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  • Jerry
    Feb 13, 2013

      Thanks John…  Will do … thanks!!!!!  73 jerry


      I have an XP machine to run winmor on… it is stable.. thanks


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      Must USB serila ports are ok on Linux, but the way to be sure is plug it in and see if the ports are detected.


      If you aren't already running BPQAPRS version it might be worth trying ir - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31910649/BPQAPRS.exe


      WINMOR won't run under WINE, so the only option is to run it on a separate windows machine.


      73, John

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      Anyone know if the edge port 8 (8 serial port to USB) device will work on Linux…

      I will need to move everything hardware wise over to linux and Want to use same PC I have now..

      I will have to m ove my VWS Software to a Windoz machine or run it under WINE?? but that still interfaces with BPQ just fine via CSV file.

      Now the big question… WINMOR… I take it I would have to run it under WINE..???

      I am not well versed in Linux.. But have to get away from Windows as I cannot tollerate daily lockups again… I am back to where BPQAPRS locks up no less then every 1 to two days…

      My JNOS machine running under linux has ran non stop except thru extended power outages that exceed my backup run time..

      73 Jerry

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