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9643RE: [BPQ32] Re: ubuntu port

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  • John Wiseman
    Feb 6, 2013
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      No, you can specify any port com1 - com255. What error message do you get when you start linbpq? What are the rights on /dev/ttyS0?
      I've just run BPQMailChat, and it created linmail.cfg in the BPQ32/BPQMailChat fiolder. It should display version - if not, you are running the wrong version.
      73, John

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      Well I would love to get this running, but it seems to be hard coded for com1...
      I created a sym link to /dev/ttyS0 called com1 and its in the same directory as bpq is, but it dosen't seem to like to read it, and the instructions mention a modded BBS .exe file that creates a linbpq.conf. I have ran it several times and I see no such file any where.

      lrwxrwxrwx 1 linbpq linbpq      10 Feb  5 11:30 com1 -> /dev/ttyS0

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