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9608Re: [BPQ32] flamp and BPQMail?

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  • Charles Brabham
    Feb 2, 2013
      I do not think it is currently possible to do so, Andre, but I am gratified
      to see the question asked as I am a long-time advocate of distributing
      Packet bulletins addressed to ALL via HF multicast, as opposed to the
      point-to-point networks that have traditionally carried that kind of

      Free of the square peg in a round hole job of distributing bulls addressed
      to ALL, the point-to-point Packet network would finally have a chance to
      realize its full potential.

      I am currently off of HF due to a move to a new location. When I am set up
      again for HF, I intend to see what FLAMP can do in this area. To do so will
      require a new, parallel HF multicast network to work in conjunction and
      cooperation with the Packet net. Once something like that is demonstrated, a
      way to operate the AMP2 protocol from or with BPQ would be on a lot of folks

      Right now, there are few who would see the utility there, as most FLAMP
      operation has been within the EMCOM community. As far as I know, nobody
      besides myself has utilized it yet with bulletin distribution in mind. (
      Almost all of my test transmissions with AMP protocol over the years has
      been with ARRL bulletins. )

      I'll see what I can do about that soon, assuming that I can find others
      interested in the experiment here in my hemisphere.

      Here's an article I wrote some years ago about the advantages of a combined
      point-to-point/multicast HF network:


      73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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      Subject: [BPQ32] flamp and BPQMail?

      > Does anyone know if it is posible to get bullitains from BPQMail
      > automaticly broadcasted using flamp?
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      > 73 Andre PE1RDW
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