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9599RE: [BPQ32] Linux Pi

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  • dave.e.morris@btinternet.com
    Feb 1, 2013
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      Hello John
      First of all, I've had a hankering to learn / use Linux for ages (I don't know much about it !) and I have Ubuntu installed on a spare computer. But as I say, I don't know much about it - pick it up now and again to try to learn !!
      I have been running BPQ for a long time, initially 4.01 and now bpq32 (as you know to your cost !).
      If you feel I have the ability or qualifications to run a test, I'd be happy to do so. I assume that running a test system would not interfere with GB7YEW (running in WinXP)
      73 de Dave
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      Date: 01/02/2013 13:47:15
      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] Linux Pi

      It is just about ready for testing. There are sure to be problems with it still, but if anyone is willing to try it please let me know. At least to start, I suggest testers should be familiar with BPQ32, and know there way around a linux command prompt - this isn't really something for those new to BPQ to play with.
      The basic features are
      Has been tested on Raspberry PI and Ubuntu running on a PC. Should work on most Linux (and probably other unix) systems
      BPQ32 compatible Node, includng the APRS Digi/Igate feature
      Uses standard bpq32.cfg
      Drivers for KISS, AXIP, BPQEther, Telnet, SCS Tracker, SCSPTC. I2C Driver for PITNC on the PI. Others to follow.
      Includes the BBS part of BPQMailChat  (not chat).
      BBS Configuration and BBS/Node monitoring via a Web interface.
      I need to write some basic setup instructions - I'll try to do that later today.

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      Any update on Linux Pi ? ....can't wait!

      Trip - KT4WO

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