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9574RE: [BPQ32] USB to Serial ?

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  • Matt Zilmer
    Jan 12, 2013
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      You might try the Keyspan HS19.  I believe it is supported in Linux, MAC, and Windoze.  I know it properly implements all the control signals as I use DTR and RTS here for different purposes, for rig control and PTT.

      matt W6NIA

      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      From: peter.zl2bau@...
      Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 15:11:43 +1300
      Subject: [BPQ32] USB to Serial ?


      Hi John and group,

      Not really on topic but I can not go past the wealth of knowledge.

      This may very well interest others.

      I have been busy trying to get my Dumb MoDems ( Baycom type ) to run
      with Linux, I have now done this, ( not an easy task I must say ) and as
      I only have the one serial port ( DB9 ) I need to look at USB to Serial
      converters ( so to speak ).

      I have seen the odd posts about ones that work as they should and others
      that do not, my question is, does anyone know or has experience of such
      items that appear to be available at quite cheap prices.

      The only thing is that some specify what pin outs are available and as I
      require the following, CTS (Rxd), DTR (Txd) and RTS (PTT) it is hard to
      find which ones support these pins to drive the MoDem.

      I am using "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS" and the "baycom_ser_hdx mode" driver for

      Regards ..... Peter

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