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9511Re: [BPQ32] Operating systems

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  • Ron Stordahl
    Dec 31, 2012
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      I am running it in Win7 and Vista.  I tested it on Win8 just to be sure the installer worked and it did and BPQ32 did run.

      The issue which confuses is the separation of program files from application data as is recommended by Microsoft.

      After doing an install you can check to see if your install is the 'old style' or 'new style'.  Go to the lower left on the screen and click on start\all programs\bpq32.  From the drop down list find 'view configuration folder' and 'view program folder'.  If you click on each in sequence you can determine the location of each of these groups.

      In an MS approved installation the programs will be at c:\program files\bpq32 or on a 64 bit OS at c:\program files (x86)\bpq32.  The application data should be at a more complex address perhaps c:\users\'username'\appdata\roaming\bpq32.  Actually this later location is OS dependent, but will not be in the format shown for program files.

      If your install is not MS standardized, then you may be subject to annoying UAC warning pop ups.  All this can be avoided by achieving an approved install.

      You can guarantee an approved install on a system which has an older style install by doing as follows:

      Run the installer with all the defaults.
      Uninstall using the uninstall line in the program drop down list, or go to the control panel and do an install from the list.  In XP it's called 'Add or Remove Programs', in W7 it's called 'Programs and Features'.  Why?  Who Knows!!!!
      Now run the installer a second time taking all defaults
      You will now have an approved install which places things where they should be.
      The uninstall will retain all your configuration and in fact more it where it should be.

      This new installer was written to accomodate Vista and W7, but actually works all the way back to W95!

      Once this is all done, you might have trouble finding your configuration, if you are used to just using Windows Explorer to find BPQ32.cfg in the program folder...it's no longer there!  Instead do as I noted above, 'start\all programs\bpq32' and click to get the drop down list which will give you easy access to everything you may need.

      Most 'ham' programs are stuck in the past, BPQ32 is one of the few that has updated to the MS approved install rules.

      Ron, AE5E

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      Will BPQ32 run under Windows 7 or 8?

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